Use the Orbital Strike Scorestreak Call of Duty

Use the Orbital Strike Scorestreak Call of Duty. Hello guys we all know Call of Duty always keeps introducing new missions and tasks to the game. This is one of the important reasons that is why players keep playing Call of Duty. Call of duty is again up with the new Mission. In this mission, the player has to use the orbital Strike Scorestreak 3 time. This task is not that much difficult and we are here to help you regarding this task.

In this article, we are going to cover each and every small detail about this mission. This information will help you to complete this mission. On completion of this mission, players will be getting battle pass XP. Battle pass XP plays a vital role in call of Duty mobile. So it becomes quite necessary to complete this mission and earn this battle pass XP.

In this mission, the player has to use the orbital strike Scorestreak 3 times. This task is not that easy task. But no need to worry as we are going to provide you with all the necessary information regarding this task. As per the player’s point of view, it becomes necessary to complete this mission. Many of the players have already completed this mission.

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As well as some of them are trying to complete it as soon as possible. So we would like to tell you that if you guys want to complete this mission don’t waste time please complete it as soon as possible. If you want to know more about this task more you guys are in the right place.

Use the Orbital Strike Scorestreak Call of Duty

To complete this mission the very first thing you have to do is to launch call of Duty mobile on your smartphone. After launching the game you will be directly entering the lobby. In this lobby, you have to click on the event button. After clicking on the event button you will see four different options in front of you. The three among them are the events.

They are as a featured event, seasonal event, and daily event also. And The fourth option is the Search for Stansfield. This is a new and upcoming event that is coming to call of duty. So there is now a total of four options in front of you. Among these four options, you have to click on the seasonal event.

After clicking on the signal event option you will find some subheadings. Under the subheading of space later you will find this mission. After finding this task or mission you have to click on the go button under the name of the task. The name of the task is ‘Use the Orbital Strike Scorestreak three times in MP matches’. After clicking on the go button you will come back to the lobby again.

Now, this is a very important step in this you have to change the loadout. In the loadout, you have to select the orbital laser in the place of any of the Scorestreak. Now just start the match using this orbital laser three times and the mission will be completed.

Hope so this article was helpful for you. We always keep covering all the recent updates regarding the call of Duty. To receive all the latest gaming updates and news stay tuned with us.

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