Sevou BGMI ID Number, Stats, K/D ratio and more

Sevou BGMI ID Number. One of the most famous PUBG Mobile YouTuber Sevou has come in BGMI. Recently, he shared his BGMI ID on his YouTube video. His gameplay videos are really good and funny, he is one of the most favorite PUBG Mobile content creators.

Many players want to know about Sevou’s BGMI ID. In this article, readers are going to know everything about Sevou’s BGMI ID Number.

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Sevou BGMI ID Number:

Then Sevou’s BGMI ID Number

Sevou, commonly known as Spoidermon, is a Swedish PUBG Mobile player who mostly participates in Solo vs. Squad and Duo vs. Squad battles. Sevou prefers to highlight hilarious situations in his videos, thus the videos are not only professional but also entertaining. You can see professional gameplay and fresh game updates on his channel.

He’s recognized for his aggressive gaming and one of the strongest sniper skills in the game. He is also Levinho’s younger brother. On YouTube, Sevou has 5.93 million subscribers and 957,764,098 views. On November 7, 2018, he became a YouTuber.

Sevou BGMI ID Number: 5315016678

He also has 1.2 million Instagram followers and has 863 posts. Sevou is a well-known PUBG player from all around the world. Not only that, but he’s also a PUBG Mobile Official Partner.

How to Fix Matchmaking Problems in BGMI?

Step-1: Disable the language preference in matchmaking settings.

Step-2: Then also disable the drop preference in matchmaking settings.

Step-3: Now try checking your internet connection, as sometimes it is also bad.

Step-4: Then try restarting the game or if you are in the squad, exit the squad and then try matching again

Sevou BGMI ID Number: 5315016678

New Modes Will be Back Soon:

Runic Power, Survive Till Dawn, Payload 2.0, Virus Infection, Metro Royale, and Vikendi will all be available in BGMI for a limited time. These modes are only available for some time period!

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