Platoon Event in Free Fire: Coming Soon

Platoon Event in Free Fire: Platoon event knocking on the door in Free Fire. So, as expected we may see some cool new updates based on the Platoon theme in Free Fire.

Free Fire game, a Battle Royale game which is one of the most popular games among the players of India. Indian peoples love new events and news updates. So, in upcoming updates, we will see some Platoon theme-based gun skins and characters in the game. We have got some leaks and details from our source. Here I am sharing with you some of them.

Platoon Event Coming to Free Fire

Free Fire game is a Battle Royale game that is popular all over the world. Surely developers maintain this to gain more & more attention to the game. That’s why developers push updates to maintain attention.

We know the Platoon event is a winter theme-based event. So many game developer companies provide Platoon-based updates in their game. Free Fire developers are one of them. We have got some event details for the Free Fire Platoon event. Let’s find out:-

  1. We might see some weapon blueprints which may be Platoon-themed-based.
  2. There will be a new type of gloo wall based on the Platoon theme.
  3. There will be more and more discounts for top-ups and diamond purchases.
  4. Developers will provide Winter costumes as Platoon bundles in the in-game shop.
  5. According to the reports, this Platoon event may come in the game after the Booyah Day event.
  6. There will be a new type of parachute skins and skateboards inspired by the theme of the Winter season.
  7. And there will be some character improvements and new voice chat updates in the game lobby.
  8. The game lobby will be based on a Platoon theme.
  9. There will be weekly missions to get free skins based on Platoon.

These are the leaks about the upcoming Platoon theme event in Free Fire. Surely players can enjoy the Platoon festival in the game also as an interesting event.

Players always get attracted by a new types of skins and characters which we have discussed earlier. So if you are a Free Fire player, get ready for the update.

For more updates & pieces of information about Free Fire, stay tuned to us.

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