Fortnite Winter Update 2021 – Release Date Event Leaks, and More

Fortnite Winter Update 2021; When it comes to the Battle Royale ” Fortnite ” is a brand in the battle royale. From the year 2017 to date, Fortnite is always the preeminent leader in Graphics, Gameplay, Updates, and gossips. So another sizzling gossip is cooking to warm you in the blood cold Winters. Yes!! our favorite Winterfest is on the way to jingle up the Christmas and New Year.

Hold your breath gammers as today I am revealing to you all the hidden secrets from Epic Games Winterfest Update 2021. But before this, I have something really interesting for you. A fun fact related to the latest Cube Queen Chapter 2 (THE END). The logo when inverted upside-down gives us the theme of mountains. Another hidden secret isn’t it.

Now let’s jump to the main topic for which you all are waiting. The article details the specifics of the leaks of event Fortnite Winterfest 2021. A gamer named @shiinaBR when tweeted about the leaks it spread like fire in the forest and was a hot topic for Fortnite lovers. Come let’s have a look at some very special updates :

Fortnite Winter Update 2021

When can we get this update/ Start Date

Nothing has been officially declared yet, but if we look at previous editions, we can predict that Winterfest 2021 will start from mid-December until the first week of January 2022.

Fortnite Winter Update 2021

Let us see when will Epic reveal the dates of new updates and hope that this time Epic can give some free skins as a Christmas gift to its users.

Leaks & rumors about something spicy

The leaker’s reveals are so exciting and make the gammers anxious about new updates also these are the same leakers who turn out to be the real good predictors in the Fortnite world. One such renowned name is @ShiinaBR quoted: “First Winter event leaks? I think Epic has added these interesting strings today. “WinterQuestDetailsScreen” – “WinterquestPresentScreen” – “Already Opened” – “Come back every day to open a new present!” – “Not A Present” – “Save for Last!” They aren’t used anywhere atm!

As we look close to the details of this tweet it reminded me of last year’s update. So will this be similar? Will, we may get our hands on the snowball launcher again, a weapon that was fun for players last year.  @ShiinaBR found several lines of code that could point to an advent calendar with different rewards inside it, dosed in such a way that it is once per day.

Leaks In Twitter

Apart from the @shiinaBR tweet, we found out some really exciting tweets revealing the hidden Winterfest updates. As per the tweet done by @FBRsections, it seems like Epic is working on Winter Dr. Slone. So players get ready for some really important change in Slone’s visual.


According to @HYPEX, Epic would be working on an improved version of this POI, also news is coming that Epic can add rideable animals which is something cool and will enhance the experience.

Although nothing is known about the next themed event yet, we must assume that there will be a large number of challenges available to get exclusive skins and other rewards. On the other hand, and hopefully, we may get our hands on the snowball launcher again. Also as seen on Epic Games’ website, the developer is already seeking winter-themed content from the massive community of Fortnite Creators. So it’s a golden chance for coders also to provide the best idea and make their place in the heart of the gaming community. Best wishes to Epic and the creators to provide the users with their best caliber

So let us wait for something amazing. Get yourself geared up GAMERS Winterfest is coming.

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