Deal Damage to Player with Paper Bomb Kunai In Fortnite

Deal Damage to Player with Paper Bomb Kunai: We all know Fortnite is again up with some of the new missions and punch cards. This will damage a player with paper bomb kunai is the mission from a strike from the shadow punch card. It is not that difficult to participate in this event you guys can easily go through it. In this article, we are going to provide each and every small little that will let you go through the mission. Many of the players have already participated in this event as well as some of the players participating currently. So guys if you wish to participate in the same don’t what’s the time do it as soon as possible. In this article, we will help you with each and every small detail regarding this mission. After reading the article it will become easier to complete this mission.

Fortnite is holding a themed ninja week from 9 a.m. ET on November 23 to 9 a.m. ET on November 30 to coincide with the Naruto crossover and the addition of the new Paper Bomb Kunai weapon.

The Strike From The Shadows Punchcard, which you’ll only be able to complete until the event’s end, has also been added to the game, including themed objectives. Chapter Two Season Eight is coming to a close shortly, and now is a fantastic time to collect those last few bits of XP you’ll need to finish the Battle Pass. Shadow Floppers, Shadow Stones, as well as Paper Bomb Kunai weapons these weapons will help you complete the challenges. As we all know chapter 2 Season 8 is coming towards the end. So guys this is the best time to earn XP and get all the benefits of season end.

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Deal Damage To Players With Paper Bomb Kunai

To complete this punch card, you must use the paper bomb kunai to inflict harm on the player. The player must complete three steps in order to achieve this mission. Each level requires the player to deal more harm to the opposing player. In the first stage, you must deal roughly 140 damage to your opponent. You must deal 500 damage to your opponent in the second stage. And last, in the third stage, you must deal 3500 damage to the opponent. So that’s how you guys may finish the first paper bomb kunai duty of dealing damage to players.

Deal Damage to Player with Paper Bomb Kunai

The fastest method to get your hands on this Legendary rarity weapon is to buy it for 150 gold bars from the Kakashi NPC. Kakashi may be found west of Lazy Lake and north of the guardian tower. He hangs out near a hill with enormous, well-marked rocks. Then start firing your Paper Bomb Kunai until you’ve done enough damage to gain some well-earned experience points.

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