Cube Queen is Charging Up – Chapter 2 The End Event Teaser

Fortnite Cube Queen is Charging Up – Chapter 2 The End Event Teaser: Fortnite Chapter 2 has been going for over 2 years. And all good things must come to an end. Fortnite’s Chapter 2 end has been teased and Epic Games have revealed a teaser as well. The teaser is aptly titled “THE END” and shows the characters getting ready to battle it out with the CUBE QUEEN.

The End of Chapter 2 might have big surprises for the fans. There are very possible chances of Chapter 3 going very shortly after that. And a brand new map is rumored for chapter 3 of Fortnite. The current map has been around for 19 seasons.

Fornite Chapter 2 had an amazing start way back in 2019. Since then chapter 2 had so many amazing cross-overs to Fortnite, the list is ever-growing. The Naruto cross-over event is currently in progress as well. There were characters from Sony, Marvel Universe and Dune also crossed over to Fortnite and The Mandalorian as well.

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The End Final Event Chapter 2

The teaser revealed by Epic games had very little footage. and it does not give much away at all, but perfectly sets up the one-time event. The final event is scheduled to begin on December 4th at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST /2:30 AM IST(Dec 5th).

The game has left hints that the finale event would decide the fate of the island. A group of 16 players can join in the lobby of the game starting 30 minutes ahead of time. There is a power leveling weekend that is scheduled to happen during November 26-29 weekend.

The Cube Queen face-off handles very strong importance. The entire event is a catalyst to re-design the entire map of the Fortnite island. The stakes for the event are already high. The finale of chapter 1 had similar stakes as well. The entire map got sucked into the black hole.

Cube Queen is Charging Up
Fortnite Cube Queen is Charging Up

For chapter, the convergence has been made into the pyramid poi and also there are enough hints floating around. This finale will include some sort of dimension bending to it as well. Thanks to Cube Queen’s involvement.

Fortnite New Chapter 3

There are so many evidence-backed rumors about a possible entire map makeover for the game. With the finale set to air on December 4th, the leaks are at an all-time high. There are so many original idea data mines, that have been spotted in the game code by the leakers. For the next chapter, there are big surprises, and crossovers are also planned. There are rumors about Matrix’s Neo possibly coming to Fortnite.

The fate of the island hangs in the hands of CUBE QUEEN for now, and the finale event will set up major game storylines.

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