Fortnite GUAVA Fort Stage 2 Map Update

Fortnite GUAVA Fort stage 2 Map Update: The plans for wrapping Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite are currently underway. There are so many exciting things that are planned for the fans by Epic Games. In this article , we will give you all the info on the possible Season 8 ending live event, Guava Fort stage and more.

The storyline for the finale live event has been codenamed as “GUAVA”. A fortnite leaker has seemingly discovered these leaks and there’s more. This story line will be coming at the end of the season. The event has been divided into 7 stages and has very cryptic codenames as well.

And fans of the game have already tried to decode the names for these 7 stages and they are as follows.

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GUAVA Fort Live Event – 7 STAGES

Initially the leaks came with few words mentioning the stages, but fans took the matter into their hands . And it perfectly matches with the storyline set in the on-going season.

Here are the 7 stages of GUAVA Fort

1. Phase -1 : Att (attack)

2. Phase – 2 : Bea (Beam)

3. Phase -3 : Bre (Breach)

4. Phase – 4 : Bri (Bridge)

5. Phase -5 : Esc (Escape)

6. Phase-6 : Lob (Lobby)

7. Phase -7 : Swi (Swirl)

The on-going Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite is about Cube Queen and Dr. Slone. For started Cube Queen is a cosmic being who is hell bent on destroying the island and Dr. Slone wants to sacrifice and save the reality.

Fortnite GUAVA Fort Stage 2

Epic games is adding new POI’s and locations steadily. With all those we could figure out that Guava stage is being constructed at Pleasant Park at the Convergence POI .There are several images that are circulating around the interent, showing the construction of the Guava Fort.

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Connecting the 7 stages of Guava Live Event

We can bring together all the 7 stages that were mentions earlier. It perfectly sums and sets the stage for the live event “GUAVA”. Here’s a guess at what all of them stand for and leading for :

  • Attack : Queen begins the attack
  • Beam : Shooting beams to reach the Zero Point.
  • Breach : Breaching into the underground complex.
  • Bridge : Reaching the Zero point on the bridge.
  • Escape : Escaping the island.
  • Lobby : there are chances of Zero point being lobbey
  • Swirl : Zero point might suck in everything and death.

For a while, these are some amazing guesses that have caught attention of all the gamers in Fortnite community. We have to wait until December 5th to find out, what all of this has been leading upto. And please remember that Fortnite Live Event “GUAVA” is indeed and completely playable  only once and there are no chances for replays.

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