Fortnite First V18.40 Hotfix Update – Complete Details

Fortnite First V18.40 Hotfix Update: The Season 8 Chapter 2 is almost close to its end, but the developers are in no mood for letting down the hype. The hype around the next Chapter is already sky high among the fortnite community. And the latest hotfix update released by the makers just adds more fuel to it.

The Hotfix V18.40 update has rolled out across the globe on November 23rd. and the update does bring a few key changes along with it. The update adds a brand new weapon ,an item vote ,and “STRIKE FROM THE SHADOWS” week.

The current on-going season of Fortnite is infamously titled as the “CUBED” season and is going a plot thread that is very close. and resembles to that of alien-invasion themed. As part of the War efforts, Fortnite has enabled and given its players a chance to vote. Yes, you read that right. Players can vote and bring out the weapons out of the vault. And fans have freed out some amazing weapons from the vault.

Here are some of the weapons that were freed by the players :

  • Combat Assault Rifle
  • Grappler
  • There is another chance to bring out a weapon from the vault.

If that got your interest, you can go and vote on the weapons too. On the official fortnite website – there is a voter board that lets players decide on the weapon. Currently, there are two absolute fan-favorites for many. “Proximity Grenade Launcher and Flint-Lock Pistol ” 

Proximity Grenade Launcher

This weapon was first introduced during Chapter 1 Season 9 and the launcher fires a projectile , which is a lot closer and similar to the grenade. it bounces off the surfaces. and do not forget that these projectiles can detonate completely in mid air as well. when they are almost close to the opponent.

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Flint Lock Pistol

Just as the name sounds unique, so does the function of this weapon. The piston launches the wielder and targeted opponent in an opposite direction, but you can escape it when you crouch.

Both of these weapons are so unique and they are completely new to the on-going weaponry in Fortnite. There is a new themed that has already set rolling and it is called “Strike from the Shadows”. This theme, goes very well hand in hand with Naruto cross over event as well. and a very important note to the gamers – the spawn rates are increased for this week for Paper Bomb Kunai , Shadow Stones and Shadow Floppers.

Fortnite First V18.40 Hotfix Update

The increase in spike rate is clear push for all the gamers to carry out their attacks from the shadows. and along with the update came a very little but significant note for the gamers. To develop a brand new fighting strategy – this note might have not caught your eye. but it holds a significant importance , there is almost very little time left in the current season. it directly levitates towards the next chapter and to have all the gamers ready for the exciting content that will be dropping in the week’s ahead.

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