Fortnite December Crew Pack 2021 First Look

Fortnite December Crew Pack 2021: If you are familiar with Fortnite every month crew packs always have exciting stuff. But if you are not, don’t worry at all. Crew Pack is a monthly subscription service provided in Fortnite that costs $11.99/ month which has many multiple rewards every month. Usually, the crew packs always include a new skin, ongoing season’s battle pass, and so many other rewards. If you play Fortnite on a regular basis – buying a crew pack would be profitable.

And it is very important to note that, the crew packs aren’t just a cash grab and contain a lot of rare in-game items, and most unique outfits for the game. Recently, Epic Games have released all the details about the upcoming month -December’s crew pack details.

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Fortnite December Crew Pack

  • December crew pack skin is revealed.
  • It is going to be Cube Assassin.
  • Cube Assassin was a mini-boss in Fortnitemares Horde Rush LTM.
  • Other details about the rewards are still kept as a secret.

During the mini-boss events of Fortnitemares Horde Rush – Cube Assassin was a fan favorite for many. and there were many demands during that time, from the fans all over the world, to release the skin of the character.

Seems like developers at Epic Games have listened to the fans and made Cube Assassin – a rare skin – part of the December Crew Pack. We have even curated the possible release date for December Crew Pack.

The December Crew Pack will go live and be available to buy on for both Fortnite Crew subscribers and non-subscribers as well.  the release date is November 30 from 7 PM ET / 5:30 AM IST.

Cube Assassin Bundle Items

The below-mentioned skins and accessories are part of the crew pack.

  • Cube Assassin Skin (Reactive)
  • The Cubist Back Bling (Reactive)
  • Cube Edge Pickaxe (Reactive)
  • Assassin’s Mark Wrap (Reactive)
Fortnite December Crew Pack

and all the crew pack members or subscribers will be getting 1000 V-bucks every month, right on the billing date.

All of the reactive styles that are present for both skins and accessories, can be turned off. But the wrap for weapons can’t be switched off. The wrap for weapons will only be functioning when the weapon is continuously firing.

There are so many others to being a regular subscriber to the Fortnite crew pack. With the crew pack subscription, you will be unlocking the rare “FORTNITE CREW LEGACY SET” up to 6 stages. The stages will be readily unlocked on the 14th of each month during your subscription period.

And not to forget, the crew pack subscribers will be getting instant access to the current season’s Battle pass. but if you have bought the season 8 battle pass, you will be rewarded with a one-time 950 V -Bucks.

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