How to Invite Friends on Battlefield 2042

Invite Friends on Battlefield 2042: Battlefield 2042 is off to a shaky start among the gaming community. There have been some new updates that were released recently that make the game a little more enjoyable. In this massive online FPS game, you can create a party and play along with your friends with the help of EA Friends. In this article, you can learn more about How to add Friends using Origin and create your own parties for Gaming.

Invite Friends no Battlefield 2042

Adding/Inviting Friends is a lot easy in Battlefield 2042.

Follow the below steps

  • Login into Origin with your user credentials.
  • Search for your friends using the “Friends” tab.
  • You can find them using their public EA ID, username, or email address.
  • After finding them, send away the friend request to follow.
  • When they accept your friend request, you will be able to find them in the friend’s button, which is present on the bottom right.
  • If your friend is online, you can click on their icon and join them in the game.
  • Not just Battlefield 2042, you can play other games with your friends on EA Play.

Creating a Party

  • To create a party, you should go back to Social Tab.
  • Go to “Party/Friends”.
  • It displays the list of people that are already present in your list.
  • If you are on PC, click on PC, otherwise click on EA Friends to invite people.
  • Click on your Friend’s name and select Invite and allow them to join your party.
  • At present, you can add a total of 4 friends to your party.

Create a Private Party

  • On the Battlefield, there is an option for private parties as well.
  • With this private party feature, you can prevent random players from joining the team.
  • Enabling the private party is quite easy as well.
  • Click on the party tab and it leads to a prompt about enabling the Private Party.
  • Enable it and you and your friends are completely set.
Invite Friends Battlefield 2042

If you wanted to join a game that one of your friends is Hosting. We got you covered.

Join A Game

  • If you want to join in one of your friend’s games.
  • Go to Party/Friends tab and choose the option to Join.
  • Instead of inviting them, you are joining them.
  • This allows you to join a game in an instant that is currently ongoing, where your friends are already participating.

But the big question at hand is – Does Battlefield 2042, fully support Crossplay? The answer is a bit tricky. If you enable crossplay, you won’t be able to create Private Parties to play with your friends.

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