PUBG New State Anti Cheat System

PUBG New State Anti Cheat System: If the PC and console players have Battlefield 2042, and Call of Duty: Vanguard to keep them occupied. PUBG: New State has made its way to all the mobile gamers. The gaming world for the past few weeks has been absolutely busy and filled with updates. PUBG: New State has been garnering great support from all sections of mobile gamers for all its new changes and developments.

which brings us to the current article at hand, The Anti Cheat System on PUBG: New State. This has been the biggest point of discussion among all the gamers. The biggest issue with all the previous versions of PUBG was its hackers. Hackers always play the spoilsport in any game. So, Krafton came up with a unique idea and has introduced the anti-cheat system into its newly launched PUBG: New state.

PUBG New State Anti Cheat System
PUBG New State Anti Cheat System

PUBG New State Anti Cheat System

Anti-Tamper Technology

During their showcase, Sangwan Kim, the head of the Anti-Cheat system has made it sound and clear. the developers at Krafton have been paying very close attention to all the cheating trends that are present in the market. While also working on and creating a new technology to counter the different cheating trends and their issues at hand. the older version PUBG Mobile and BGMI have become a primary source for hackers and are continuously increasing with every passing day.

But to prevent that from happening Krafton has already taken all the necessary measures to prevent the hackers from getting into the game. PUBG: New State comes with an “Anti -Tamper Technology” that will obscure the game’s source code. Which makes it very difficult and impossible for hackers and cheaters to reverse engineer. Cheating reports are also taken into serious consideration. The publishers are also trying new ways to prevent from hackers into the game. One such idea is creating a digital id.

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PUBG New State Anti Cheat System

The digital id will prevent the users from creating multiple accounts. Players’ accounts will have strict protection from being hacked.

Secondary passwords, OTP verification, and a possible two-factor authentication(2fa) are also reportedly in development. With such technology and updates at hand, PUBG: New State is already establishing itself as an amazing experience guaranteed mobile game.

But it is very important to notice and remember that very big-budgeted and AAA games have already tried their hands at such technology. And the results haven’t been very fruitful to say the least. So it will be very exciting to see what PUBG: New State has in store for its players in the future.

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