Mega Nest in Pokemon Go – Complete Details

Mega Nest in Pokemon Go: Pokemon is mainly a game of casual category by Play store, but the Pokemon fans know that it is a role-playing game in a virtual world. There are tons of features in the game that you can play. The main thing of the game is to catch the Pokemon with Pokeballs. That’s why the tagline of the game is- “Gonna Catch’em all”.

But have you ever heard the word “Mega Nest”?

You can find Pokemon in the wild. But Niantic adds a feature in-game which is ‘Pokemon Nest’, which is a bunch of the same type of Pokemon in a park or jungle in the real-life world. That’s the way to give reference to players of the real world.

Tons of websites provide the information of that Poke Nest in the game. Mega Nest is one of them for Pokemon Go. In this article let’s discuss what is Mega Nest?

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Mega Nest in Pokemon Go: What is that?

Mega Nest generally provides the coordinates of the Nest of the Pokemons that appear to that specific locations. You can check your local area nest by going to the Mega Nest & checking the coordinates. Mega Nest provides all Pokemons generation-wise with their coordinates of nests.

A nest takes 10 days to migrate a new species of Pokemon. So if you are getting a specific Pokemon in your local area, after that you will find in Mega Nest that the migration has been changed. In this way, you can get specific candies or XL candies for specific Pokemon. & it will last another 10 days.

Mega Nest in Pokemon Go
mega nest pokemon go

So, this is the way to use Mega Nest in Pokemon Go. Surely if your area is listed in Pokemon Go, it will help you a lot for your Pokemon to get candies. Now you can evolve the Pokemon or just level it up.

That’s all for Mega Nest in Pokemons Go. Stay tuned to us for more Pokemon Go-related content.

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