Get Free Anna Character – Full Event Explained

Get Free Anna Character BGMI and PUBG: With Arcane mode set to debut this month, fans of the game BGMI have already been eagerly for another character as well. Yes, Anna is one of the most anticipated characters and has debuted. In the world of BGMI on November 19th, 2021. and players can get the Anna character for free with some exchange of tokens.

Along with Anna, there are some exciting characters that have made their way into the game. The other characters are Sara, Carlo, Andy, and Victor. Apart from the character Victor, all the other characters need to be purchased in-game with vouchers or UC. Every single one of these has characters who have very unique and distinct abilities and are already a fan favorite for many.

But buying the characters is a little costly affair. So we put together an article on how to attain Anna’s character for free.

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How to Get Anna Character Free

The update(1.7) slated for this months release has already made its way to the game. There is an event call “ANNA JOINS THE BATTLE” that has released along with the update. With this event you can get Anna character for free. all you have to do is Complete missions. The reward for completing this mission is quite high as well.

You will be rewarded with 350 vouchers. These vouchers bring in a lot of discounts and it will be easier to get the character of Anna with 600 UC.

We have put together a list of events that need to be completed to get those vouchers.

Missions Required to Complete

  • Log in for 1 day – 10 vouchers, 200 BP
  • Log in for 2 days – 20 vouchers, 400 BP
  • Login for 3 days straight – 30 vouchers, 600 BP
  • Login for 5 day straight – 50 vouchers, 1000BP
  • Over 1 match – 10 vouchers, 200 BP
  • Complete 3 matches – 20 vouchers , 40 AG
  • Complete 10 matches – 40 vouchers, 4 supply crate coupon scrap
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes in game – 15 vouchers
  • Spend a total of 200 minutes in the game – 35 vouchers
  • Defeat a total of 12 enemies – 30 vouchers
  • Travel 2000 meters in a vehicle – 20 vouchers, 2 supply crate coupon scrap
  • Travel 5000 meters in a vehicle – 40 vouchers , 4 supply crate coupon scrap
Get Free Anna Character
Get Free Anna Character

After completing the above mention missions, the players in the game can head to the workshop and buy the latest female character. As described earlier and during promotion , Anna is an investigator. and as of now her skills are not fully activated or functioning. but after buying her character, players can unlock the voice packs, costumes.

Currently there are two outfits are available for the character of Anna – Forest Adventurer Anna , Island Traveller Anna , and we can expect more outfits will be added a little lately. The character vouchers will be available only for a shorter duration and till November 26th only. SO, HURRY UP.

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