Fortnite Black Hole: Confirmed Event Leaks

Fortnite Black Hole: Fortnite community is in for a treat in the coming few days. The coming days are going to be very key, whether there will be a Chapter 3 or Season 9 is still under the lights of confusion. But going by the recent leaks, one thing is for certain, the developers are bringing some fan favorites back to the game.

If all the recently leaked rumors are to be believed, Season 8 is going to end with the Notorious and Dreaded Black Hole. There are several hints and in-game easter eggs. That is definitely leading to the return of Black Hole from Season 1 Chapter X of Fortnite. And most leaks are also pointing towards the complete destruction of the map and it makes sense to believe so and Black Hole would be the perfect way to wrap things up.

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There is also a rumored update V18.40 that is rumored to go live in the coming days. With this update, all the things will be bought together and set in motion for the grand finale that will close things on December 5th, 2021. And the next update about a possible season 9 or chapter 3 should go live by December 7th, 2021.

Black Hole in Fortnite: All the Leaks and Evidence

Black Hole in Fortnite

There are some possible and very believable leaks going around. The recent set of leaks are based on the sounds that are made around. Convergence is present right at the center of the map. If you look closely and observe the sounds with a little extra attention. You can clearly notice that these sounds are extremely close to the sound of Black hole.

and there is even stronger evidence, and this one comes from the game files. Several Fortnite-focused Dataminers have noticed and informed that there is a hotfix. Which forces the game to move to Black Hole in Fortnite is back. The Black Hole would make perfect sense to be introduced now. And will be a perfect transition as well and not just another coincidence.

Not just these, there are so many obvious hints and easter eggs that are spread in the current chapter that totally lead to the destruction of the island. The event is approaching day by day faster and the developers at Epic Games are already files into the game. And the update v18.40 should be ready for download at any moment.

The Return of the Black Hole won’t just be another fan service moment. Fornite will surely have the best possible explanation for it, it is up to us to wait a little longer.

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