Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough Issue – How to Fix

Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough Issue: Battlefield 2042 has officially been released all around the globe. The game has raked in some amazing reviews from both the gamers and critics for its futuristic world-building and game mechanics. and with every passing day, a new bug related to the game is coming out.

If you are one of those whose experiencing the Breakthrough issue in Battlefield 2042. We got you covered. The breakthrough issue is playing the spoilsport in the enjoyment of the game. for many gamers across the globe. It usually requires a group of attackers, defenders to rally around the growing number of sectors.

The game being completely multiplayer online, bugs and issues were definitely guaranteed. But don’t be worried at all Dice developers are already releasing updates on a timely basis and solving all the bugs.

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Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough Issue Fixing

The main error with the Breakthrough issue is with the starting and finishing of matches. For some players, the game won’t be beginning. For some players, on the other hand, the game won’t be completed properly and exits halfway through. In both instances, the error is completely on the developer side and not the players.

If the matchmaking is not working, it is mostly due to a problem with game programming and not with the connection. So we curated some easy-to-fix ways of passing the Breakthrough issue. They are as follows :

  • Keep restarting the game.
  • Restart your gaming device, either a console or PC.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to your networks.
Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough Issue
Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough Issue

These fixes will definitely work if there is an issue with connecting to the servers. If the problem at hand is from the developer’s side. these fixes might not be of great use.

There are other ways of trying to fix this issue as well. If you are on a platform and you believe it is happening with your platform only. Try switching off the cross-platform feature. Switching off the cross-platform playing feature reduces the workload on the console as well. In some cases of the breakthrough issue with Battlefield 2042, the game is already playing the music end music, with HUD fading away, but never quite ending the game at all.

The developers of Battlefield 2042 have already acknowledged the issue and will soon be releasing a hotfix update that will potentially be solving the Breakthrough issue and minor bugs along with it.

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