Call of Duty Vanguard: Free Access

The latest game in the COD Franchise, Call of Duty Vanguard is all set for its free access. Yes, you read that very right. COD Vanguard is available for free to play during this weekend and comes with a few restrictions, so let’s deep dive into the article.

COD Vanguard multiplayer is now up to play for free and for a very limited time. If you are curious about all the details on how to download it and how to be able to play and when it is available, we at have that completely covered for you. Worry Not.

Available Time :

According to an official post from Call of Duty made on October 16th, COD Vanguard free multiplayer weekend kickstarts from November 18th  at 1 pm EST and ends on November 22nd at 11 pm EST, and please be noted that the game is not available for preloading, so you have to wait it out and then start downloading.

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How to Download Call of Duty Vanguard:

Call of Duty Vanguard

  • Go to play station store or Microsoft store on the web, with a device to play of your choice.
  • Search for Vanguard Free, the demo should go live and will be available on the front page itself.
  • the demo should be available for download.
  • Download the demo and start playing.

And for the gamers on PC, it is a little easier to download this game –

Go to and select play free from the tab available at the Call of Duty Vanguard tab.

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What’s in the Free Access:

In what could be a shocking offering like never before, with the free access you can experience the entire Multiplayer suite, which means every single map, weapon, a playlist is available to play, just the same way they are made available for the gamers who already own it.


TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy, Hill Patrol, Free-for-all Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed.

Maps :

Berlin, Bocage, Castle, Decoy, Desert Seige, Dome, Numa Numa, Oasis,  Red Star, Tuscan, Eagle’s Nest, Hotel Royal and so many more.

and the best offering from this free-to-play weekend is that the entire level up, you made during this period would still be available if you decide to buy the entire Call off Duty Vanguard.

Availability Time :

Along with the free-to-play announcement, Activision also made some interesting changes to shipment dropping time, unlike the previous versions. According to an official COD post, the shipment will hit Vanguard playlists exactly 24 hours before the free-to-play weekend begins officially. It falls on November 18th, 1 pm EST – 11:30 PM IST.

Jump on the Call of Duty: Vanguard bandwagon and experience the brand new free-to-play multiplayer with all of its premium features this weekend.

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