Battlefield 2042 Proximity Sensor Issue

Battlefield 2042 Proximity Sensor Issue: Bugs in games are definitely not new to the gaming industry. At this point, every game that comes out is definitely plagued with bugs and the developers are also hard at work, trying to resolve most of them. Today’s game that is suffering the curse of bugs is the newly released Battlefield 2042. The game is well received among the different section of players, but the bugs are getting the better end of it.

Battlefield 2042 Prox Sensor


If you are one of the players who is currently playing Battlefield 2042. This article might hold some bittersweet news for you. All over the world, players of Battlefield 2042, have been experiencing rubber branding issues. And its not your fault at all, and nor is it your internet or its providers fault. The issue is from the side of developers and the developers of Battlefield 2042. Have already come forward and released an official statement regarding the same.

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Dice has admitted that there are some rubber branding issues and admits that its on them and took to Twitter to confirm it. Dice Media has officially launched a handle on Twitter titled Battlefield Direct Communication. Where they release most of their official announcements regarding the game and now have released one more regarding the rubber branding issues.

The official statement confirmed the rubber branding issue while also carrying the announcement about temporarily disabling the proximity sensors for 2 hours or more.

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Why disable the proximity sensor in Battlefield 2042?

Since the rubber branding issue is from the side of developers, it is important to disable a few key services while trying to investigate the bug at hand, so in relation to that. And to carry out the investigations and finding a possible solutions at the earliest possible. A proximity sensor is a throwable gadget that is unlocked at a soldier rank of 22. So please adjust your loadouts accordingly, as there will be another update about solving the issue.

Not just rubber branding issue, Battlefield 2042 is having a tough time with all the bugs. So much so that , the developers have listed quite a few of them on their website and are already at work , trying to rectify most of them.

Battlefield 2042 Proximity Sensor
Battlefield 2042 Prox Sensor

Here are some notable bugs that made it into the list that can be observed in the game :

  • User Interface and messaging
  • Progression and Unlocks
  • NO XP gains for some players.
  • Issues with Weapons and Gadgets
  • XDR Holo sight
  • Hazard Zone.

Please be mindful that the issues listed here are some of the bugs that are a top priority for Dice and its team of developers for resolving and are already working on the solutions as well.

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