Complete Mirror World Achievement Mission in PUBG and BGMI

How to Complete Mirror World Achievement Mission in PUBG Mobile And BGMI. The new update of pubg mobile is introducing the mirror World to the game. The upcoming 1.7 update of PUBG and BGMI also giving this mode. So many of the players are eager for, this upcoming mode in BGMI in pubg mobile. The 1.7 update will be so much interesting for the players also. The last season was having lots of ups and downs and was quite interesting from the perspective of players. Actually many of the players are excited towards the 1.7 update which is coming in PUBG and BGMI. The developer is going to remove Vikendi Map, from the game with the update of 1.7. so if you’re planning to complete the steps in Vikendi map do it as soon as possible. With the removal of vikendi map there are also various changes in the 1.7 update.

As we all know PUBG is going to collaborate with Arcane. Arcane is the Netflix series, showing world of league Legends. This series is totally based on the world League of Legends. So this is the main reason behind the mirror world in  the game. If you want to get more information regarding this things you are at the right place. In this article we are going to cover all the information regarding mirror world in pubg and BGMI. We will also cover the missions, and the achievements in this mirror world. All the information is collected from the beta version of the game.

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Complete Mirror World Achievement Mission in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Mirror World Achievement Mission PUBG and BGMI
Mirror World Achievement Mission PUBG and BGMI

Arcane, a League of Legends animation, will be available on PUBG Mobile. By clicking the mode checkbox, players can experience the new theme mode: Mirror world. Mirror Island Mode is available solely on the Erangel map. Before the Mirror Island arrives, you can jump off the airship and wander around as if you were on the ground, looting stuff. You can return to the earth with the items you have with you even if you are defeated at Mirror Island.

As per our resources there are two missions you have to complete in mirror world. On the completion of this mission you will be getting two different rewards. You can simply complete this mission in the erangle map of PUBG mobile. From 16th of November the mirror world will be available on pubg mobile. You will find this mirror world in the erangal map only.

As told earlier there are two different missions. In the first mission you have to kill the three mirror monsters. On killing the three mirror monsters in the mirror world you will be getting the respective reward. In the second mission you have to open 1 crate on mirror Island. If you open 1 crate on the mirror Island itself you will complete this mission. After completing this mission you will get the respective reward for this mission also. But please note that you have to open the crate on the on the mirror Island itself. So this is how you can complete the mission, Earn the respective reward for the achievements.

Hope this article was helpful for you. We always keep covering all the latest updates related to PUBG and BGMI. For all the recent updates and news related all the Battle royale games stay tuned with us.

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