Battlefield 2042 XP Glitch – Rank Up Fast

Battlefield 2042 XP GLITCH : Issues at the time of game launch are very common these days and at this point, it would be a shocking surprise if there are no issues or glitches at all. When the game launches. But No XP gains while playing the game. That is a big issue right ?. If you are one of those who has been experiencing this issue on Battlefield 2042. We feel you and we have curated some official info and curated this article to clear out all the doubts.

Battlefield 2042 XP Glitch -Rank Up Fast 

There has been a severe uproar in the gaming community about the No XP glitch in Battlefield 2042 and EA dice has officially responded to this and has released an official statement regarding the same. EA Dice has confirmed that “NO XP” glitch is repeatedly occurring in Battlefield 2042 servers for 128 players and these large servers are only available for PS5 ,Xbox Series X or S and PC. And if you are playing the game on Xbox One or PS4, you would most likely be not facing this issue.

the official statement from EA Dice is as follows : “Our teams are reviewing the reports of 128 player servers. Which aren’t rewarding the XP for the game events. If you are not seeing score confirmations, you are on an affected server. “We’ll get to the bottom of it ,Keep an eye on your feeds or consider playing smaller modes for now.”

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About Battlefield 2042 Glitch

So the developers are already efficiently figuring out ways, to fix the issue at hand and have few server side updates in the past few days as well. And it is very important to note that the NO XP glitch isn’t affecting every single player in the 128 player lobbies.

and if you are still facing the NO XP glitch on battlefield 2042. It is worth noting that , please consider playing in the smaller lobbies. There are a wide range of smaller modes available – Battlefield 2042’s portal features a series of smaller modes that are fan favorites in the past and they are – Battlefield 1942, Bad Company and Battlefield 3 and Hazard Zone.

Battlefield 2042 XP Glitch
Battlefield 2042 XP Glitch

There will be a line up of minor updates that will be released from now till November 19th. When Battlefield 2042 is fully released and the issue would most probably be solved by then.

We at official Panda will keep  gamers updated about all the possible developments and updates related to  Battlefield 2042, be sure to check our page for all the fresh news related to Gaming.

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