How To Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042

Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042: Battlefield 2042 is officially launched and has been received rave reviews from both the gamers and reviewers. Battlefield 2042 comes with the largest multiplayer team up, many of us could have dreamed of.

In Battlefield 2042, a total number of 128 players can participate in the Hazard Zone. Two teams of players with each team having 64 players. where they compete for winning xp, and many rewards. Which leads us to the main point of this article.

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Does Battlefield 2042, allow players to switch their teams during a match ?

This is a very tough question  to answer in a single statement, but there are possible ways to do it so and we have elaborated the ways. The players can follow to switch their teams. There are many reasons people want to switch their teams. While some want to play with their friends on a same team , while some want to change their team and not be part of a loosing team and vice versa.

Can You Switch the teams

Technically No, at this stage of the team, the game doesn’t let you change your team , once you are in the lobby area with 64 players in the group. You can only exit the match and rejoin in a entirely new match ,as of now and currently this is the only way players can change their teams in Battlefield 2042. and there’s no possible guarantee that, you will be in the same team as your friend after joining the lobby. Players are allotted into the lobbies based on their player stats only.

But there is a Way and it is limited

There is a single way, that is currently available for switching your teams in the game ,Battlefield 2042. and it is only possible if you are playing the game on a Xbox One, and it is due to the courtesy of  a glitch interface and it gives you the ability instantly to switch a team ,but it comes at a cost, since you will be on a empty server and there is also a Co-Op mode that lets you create your own server and play along with your friends.

Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042
Switch Teams in Battlefield 2042

And this option is available on the solo and c0-op menu and only available on the Xbox One . You have to pick a mode and hit play and you will be invite your friends . And this is the only way you will be available with your friends in Battlefield 2042, as of now. But there are chances that this might change in the near future with an update.

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