In Battlefield 2042 No Scoreboard Available – Shocking Update

Battlefield 2042 No Scoreboard Available: Battlefield 2042 has just been launched. The new series of the game has been launched on the 11th of November. It hasn’t been a long time since the launch of the game and the players are already up for some of the changes in the game. That they need to be changed as soon as possible. Players are asking DICE. The developer company of the game to do some changes in the new series of the game. They want the old scoreboard back in the game.

Battlefield 2042 No Scoreboard

The all-new series in the game is launched with so many updates. To improve the overall gameplay of the game. The DICE has provided its players with so many updated things in the all-new series of their game battlefield 2042. One of the major or we can say one of the most affecting updates to the players. Is an in-house scoring board.

New series does have the scoreboard but unfortunately. The new scoreboard doesn’t tell about the exact things. The new version of the battlefields scoreboard reveals the picture. But the picture seems to be blurry in comparison with the older version of the game’s scoreboard.

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Older Scoreboard’s Impact

The older version of the scoreboard revealed the stats of the player. it did show some of the aspects about the players in the game. For example; kills of the players, assists, and revives of the players. the newer version won’t tell you about the exact things and also won’t tell you about. How many times. The person has died in the game. As a result, most of the players miss the old scoreboard. As the older version of the scoreboard revealed. All those aspects which are mentioned above which the newer one doesn’t reveal. 

Battlefield 2042 No Scoreboard
Battlefield 2042 No Scoreboard

From the player’s point of view, it is very strange. Or we can say less exciting to play the game. With all the information missed which was once present in the gameplay. If the same thing wasn’t there in the first place. Then it would have been a different situation. But though all of the players are now habitual of the stats. That the earlier version of the game revealed.

It is on air that the DICE is doing such a thing intentionally. To elevate team play more than the individual one in the game itself. But the statement may or may not be valid as the validity of such statements. Totally depends upon the company’s official statement on legal terms.

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