PUBG New State Survivor Pass Price – How To Get

PUBG New State Survivor Pass Price: Players Unknown Battle Ground, aka PUBG, is a very popular name in the mobile gaming industry. 8 out of 10 people heard about this game. This game has changed the point of view of the gaming industry. Gaming was a timepass thing before, now it’s also considered as a professional carrier.

To continue this, PUBG corporation made a brand new game based on the basic mechanics, named- PUBG New State. It’s very much inspired by PUBG mobile & PUBG PC versions. Just like the original PUBG, PUBG New State has also introduced its Gaming Pass which is called Survivor Pass or SP. It provides a lot of new characters & outfits.

In this article, we are going to share some details about the SP or Survivor Pass in this article & What will be the pricing?

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PUBG New State Survivor Pass Price

PUBG Mobile Studios has been announced a brand new game with the collaboration of Krafton. The name of this brand new game is PUBG New State. The Battle Pass of this game is named Survivor Pass or SP. This SP is can be achieved by spending the in-game currency of the game- NC.

NC is the key currency in this game. However, a BP currency & a medal system is available for this game also. Medals can be used to open creates & all just like NC. But you cannot get a Survivor pass via NC so keep note of that.

But what will be the pricing of this NC? Is it the same as UC in the original game or different?

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Pricing of SP: A New In-Game Currency NC

There will be two types of SP in PUBG New State. A classic one that you can upgrade & complete the mission to achieve the last prize thought the season. Another is much premium & expensive, which gives you a jump to 15 levels to boost your SP journey.

  1. The price of the Survivor Pass will be 1000NC.
  2. The pricing of the Survivor Pass Elite will be 3800NC.

So now you have to spend NC to get the SP. So now everyone may wonder what will be the pricing of NC now? Let’s have a look.

  • 300 NC price will be 89 Rupees or 1 USD
  • 1500+ 80 NC price will be 449 Rupees or 6 USD
  • 3600+ 250 NC price will be 1,099 Rupees or 15 USD
  • 9300+ 930 NC price will be 2,749 Rupees or 37 USD
  • 15,000+ 1,800 NC price will be 4,499 Rupees or 61 USD
  • 30,000+ 5,000 NC price will be 8,900 Rupees or 120 USD

So that will be the prize distribution of NC & SP. Now you can understand how much to spend to get SP.

  1. 6 USD or 449 Rupees for Survivor Pass
  2. 15 USD or 1,099 Rupees for Survivor Pass Elite.
PUBG New State Survivor Pass Price
PUBG New State Survivor Pass Price

That’s all in this article. We are going to cover up PUBG New State articles soon. So stay tuned for that.

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