COD Vanguard VS battlefield 2042 – Which One is Batter

COD Vanguard VS battlefield 2042: We all know about the legacy of the call of duty. Its been in the gaming industry for a good span of time now and has gained a massive reputation. In the industry and amongst the players, The lovers of COD. Can be seen almost everywhere in the world and from point to point in past years. The game has faced lots of competition and now it’s the turn of battlefield 2042. To be on the ground with COD vanguard. We are here for you to tell you about both the games and let you decide. What suits you best between both of the games. 

Nowhere, The cath is that both of the games. Are of the same genre and when things get complicated. With the genre of the games, all of the things get more complicated and it becomes harder to differentiate the two. From one another but as always. There are gonna be differences someplace or the other.

One gonna be better than another one. The games are 60$ and 70$ respectively. Here’s the most affecting factor to most of the players. As everyone wants to spend the money for the sake of game playing. But no one here is willing to spend the money on unnecessary things and here we are to help you out of such things. 

Theme Comparison

The COD is themed about the world war 2 era and on another hand, The battlefield is themed about the modern era. Nowhere, both of the games differ a lot in themes. If you are looking for something which is of history or related to it somehow. You know where to go and if you are a modern combat lover. Or modern impacts you more you can go for vanguard 2042. The name itself reveals the modern structure of the game. Or the modern theme of the game. 

COD Vanguard VS battlefield 2042
COD Vanguard VS battlefield 2042

Best Gaming Modes

When it comes to comparing both of the games. The major difference between the two would be the single-player and the multiplayer mode of the game. The battlefield is not having the single-player mode which comes out as a major disadvantage to the game. When it comes to comparison. With the COD and with the theme of world war 2 it will be thrilling. When it comes to the gaming experience of this genre of game. Now we all know that all of the players won’t agree on the same. As everyone differs in the perspective of gaming Experience some enjoy the single-player mode. On the other hand, some enjoy the multiplayer mode. 

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