How to get Unlimited UC in BGMI ! Complete Details

How to get Unlimited UC in BGMI: In this article, we give you different methods for getting unlimited UC in your bgmi game. BGMI is one of the most loved games in the Indian gaming community. Krafton develops BGMI game. The BGMI game in India has a huge player base.

The BGMI is recently launched in India in the past. There was pubg which the Indian government banned. So the krafton developed BGMI, especially for India, which follows all rules of India and its government.

How to get Unlimited UC in BGMI

What is UC?

UC is an in-game currency of the BGMI game. With the help of this UC (currency, of BGMI game), you could buy royale passes, skins, weapon skins, helmet skins, and many more things that could be unlocked with the help of this UC.

UC could be bought with real cash only through online modes of payment such as debit cards, credit cards, UPI, etc. And it is not at all compulsory to buy UC. You can also play a game without having UC, but you cant play with your choice of skins in the BGMI game.

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Methods to get unlimited UC in BGMI:

In this article, we would provide you five ways on How to get unlimited UC in bgmi:

The very 1st way on How to get free UC in bgmi is to google opinion rewards. This google opinion reward is considered one of the most trusted and best ways to get unlimited UC in BGMI. In this way, you have to complete some surveys provided to you by the google opinion rewards. And after completing the surveys, you can get a good amount of UC in your bgmi game.

Secondly, you could get the way to get UC in bgmi through Google redeem codes. In this, they provide you some redeem codes for the UC in BGMI for free. But as there would be some players to collect it. So you have to be super quick to apply the google redeem codes and collect the UC in the BGMI game.

Unlimited UC

Third is google referral codes to know How to get unlimited UC in BGMI. In this, they are for significantly less time, the same as google redeem codes. So similarly, you have to be real quick. Whenever the code arrives, you have to write that code in BGMI to get UC.

The fourth way to get unlimited UC in BGMI is by earning money through referral programs of some apps. Many apps such as Upstox, Dhani, and many more alike apps. In this, you have to invite your friends, and you would get real money in your bank account. Through the money you earned in these kinds of referral apps, you can buy us in the BGMI game.


In this article, we covered a detailed piece of information on what UC is and How to get unlimited UC in bgmi for free with various methods as above.

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