Fortnite Christmas Skin – Winter fest 2021 ?

Fortnite Christmas Skin: Fortnite’s Winter fest is back again this year. The season 8 of Chapter 2 in Fortnite has been amazing and very remarkable to say the least. And while the season could go on till a month or so and there are very big rumours that the season 8 might directly lead into Chapter 3.

Apart from Chapter 3 rumours, there is a strong rumor going around that Fortnite. Epic has planned on giving their players a lot of surprises this year during the month of Christmas.

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Fortnite Christmas Skin

There are some amazing and interesting clues that have been found in the game, which might give away and reveal about the surprises the team of Epic and Fortnite have been planning for their audience.

We have curated some exciting info on these surprises .

  • During the halloween season, Fortnite has come up with Fortnitemares,
  • which had interesting and different challeneges and NPC’s with new quests and punchcards.
  • A very prominent and popular leaker who has major info on everything related to Fortnite,
  • SHIINA BR has come forward and shared some exciting information about the Fortnite Winterfest 2021, according to those leaks :
  • Epic is adding alot of strings that haven’t been in the game until now.
  • all these strings might seem to be leading to Fortnite Winterfest  2021.
  • All the strings might be implying that , the developers are going to offers some amazing gifts to its fan base.
  • This might be very similar to Fortnite Rewards.

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Some Another Leaks

After the leaks from SHIINA BR, a few more leaks came out from the leaker HYPEX.

  • According to the leaker, there are some works that are already in progress on an updated version of Crackshot Cabin and Challenges.
  • There are also rumours about a bugger reward going around on the words “Big Butter Cake “
  • Not just rewards , Fortnite is already at work developing various Christmas Centred, styled themes.
  • There is a leak about the Fortnite Christmas themed skins as well.
  • Dr.Slone is the rumoured skin, Epic has been working on for this years WinterFest 2021.

Not just that there are Marvel skins that are already in works with Doctor Strange and Spiderman being the characters in focus.

Fortnite Christmas Skin
Fortnite Christmas Skin

Naruto skins are also set to drop on Fortnite sooner or later, this year but the time frame is not yet clear.

The next month for the fans of Fortnite are sure to exciting with all the possible news regarding a new chapter and new skins.

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