BGMI Free Glitch Account ID – How to Get

BGMI Free Glitch Account ID : The previous PUBG got banned in India because of some security reasons. Now again a new version of PUBG was launched named BGMI(Battle Grounds Mobile India). Krafton is the developer of BGMI. Now every player wants to get chicken dinner in every match. So everyone wants a cracked or a glitch account of BGMI. This is the main reason for the increasing demand for a glitch account in BGMI.

Why A Glitch Account Is Beneficial?

There is no difference between a glitch account and a normal account. A glitch account is the same as a normal BGMI account. If you use any hacking technique in this account you will don’t get 10 year Ban. So you can say that you can use all kinds of hacking tricks in this account. In this account, you can not get any skin, outfit or any other item in this account. This account is used to boost your rank in every match. In this account, you can see some glitches. These glitches are the same as seen at the time of launching BGMI. We are not supporting any kind of glitch id account or any kind of hacking tips or tricks.

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Let us know about glitches and their advantage

Krafton Inc. is working very sincerely. And as we as they get aware of the glitch they started working on it. They are trying to fix known glitches as soon as possible. But every update definitely has one or the other glitches which can be helpful for some players who know how to take advantage of them. So let’s discuss some glitches:-

Becoming Invisible- Glitch

To use this glitch for benefit take a G38 anti-gravity vehicle. There is a lift in the military base. So go to the military base. Now place the vehicle close to the lift. After this stand between the lift and the vehicle. Now get on the lift and as the lift starts moving get back to the vehicle and tap on the drive button instantly. Now, change the seat very quickly. Do this three to four times and now finally you are invisible.

You can fly in the air with the help of Hyperloop

There is a glitch in the metro stand, that is available in the transit area. Now take a buggy and take it to the station. Wait for the metro. Now place buggy at the path of the metro. This is why collision between metro and buggy. Now try to drive the buggy in the opposite direction of the metro and try hard to get into the metro. Now you can see that you are in the air.

So there are a lot of glitches. You can take benefit from these glitches because of knowledge.

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BGMI Free Glitch Account ID
BGMI Free Glitch Account ID

How to get BGMI free Glitch ID account

There are so many websites and applications that may help you to make your account into a glitch account. You can try so many methods at your own risk. Sometimes many users are got banned because of these tricks. So we are neither in support of any hacking not responsible for any kind of loss. We advise you to play with genuineness. 

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