BGMI vs PUBG: Which One has Less Bugs, Full Comparision

BGMI vs PUBG: BGMI vs PUBG, it’s a long-time debate. BGMI is formally PUBG but now it’s kind of separate from PUBG. These are the top-tier battle royale games in the mobile gaming community. In this article, we are going to share some details about BGMI vs PUBG. Let’s see how we’re going to guide you. Let’s start-

BGMI vs PUBG: Details About The Games

Before jumping into the comparison or similarities whatsoever, we are going to clear that we have played both the games for some time & point some notes. In this article were going to share real-life experiences about that.

PUBG: Some Basic Details-

PUBG is published & developed by Tencent Games & BlueWhole company in 2019. It was just a basic battle royale mobile game. It was very much inspired by the PC version of the game PUBG. But it’s much more optimized for the mobile version.

PUBG game has a different server with different names like PUBG KR version, PUBG VN version, Game of Peace(China version), etc. Some servers are connected to Global, some are not. Few Global collaborations may not come to different server version games. Those collaborations are exclusive for the Global version only.

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BGMI: Some Basic Details-

BGMI is developed by Krafton itself. After the ban of the Global version of PUBG Mobile in India, BGMI came to India in July 2021. It’s the Global version of PUBG but with only an Indian server. So that means you can only play this game in India with Indian players.

BGMI has the same core gameplay as PUBG Global. The events that come to PUBG Mobile also come to the BGMI. Sometimes it comes a bit later but it comes at least. Even the Royale Pass rewards are also the same. Though the Royale Pass updates a day later.

Now let’s talk about some differences between PUBG & BGMI.

PUBG vs BGMI: Some Key Differences


  • PUBG Mobile is developed by Tencent Games. BGMI is developed by Krafton.
  • PUBG Mobile was released in 2019. BGMI was released in 2021.
  • Indian govt. banned PUBG Mobile Global from App stores. So you cannot download it.
  • Similarly, BGMI can only be availble in Indian App stores.
  • PUBG Mobile can play with players from all over the world. But BGMI players can only play with the local players of India only. So the server cross-over is limited here in BGMI.
  • Some international collaborations don’t come with BGMI. So that is exclusive only to PUBG Mobile global.
  • Many events are coming late to BGMI after PUBG. PUBG developers are advance somehow.
  • Royale Pass of the game comes a day later in BGMI rather than PUBG.
  • The rank system is also kind of different in BGMI vs PUBG. In PUBG you can compete with all players of the world. BGMI players can only compete with local players in India.
  • BGMI players cannot participate in any kind of International tournament. But PUBG global players don’t have that restriction.

So this is all about PUBG vs BGMI details. There are a lot more things to talk about. So stay tuned for that. Thank You.

Happy Diwali to all of you.

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