Viper Gangster M60: New Weapon Royale coming

Viper Gangster M60, New Weapon Royale: Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the mobile gaming community. It is published & developed by Garena, the gaming company. The game developers always working hard to make the game more interesting to players. They provide frequent updates to the game to provide new events here and there.

Luck Royale is one of the things that provide players with various weapon skins. But yes you have to spend diamonds on that. One of the upcoming weapon royale gun skin is Viper Gangster M60. In this article, let’s have some quick details & a guide for the upcoming weapon royale, Viper Gangstsr M60.

New Weapon Royale Comingin Free Fire

Viper Gangster M60 Weapon

Free Fire developers always provide various cool new colorful weapon skins here and there with updates. One of the sources to get weapon skins is Weapon royale. By spending diamonds you will get the legendary weapon skins.

One of the upcoming legendary weapon skin will be – Viper Gangster M60. Of course, it’ll be the main highlight of the upcoming weapon royale. But not all time you have to spend diamonds. You can spin the weapon royale by weapon royale vouchers. How do get them? How is the spin? Let’s talk about the new Viper Gangster M60 weapon royale skin in this article.

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How to get Viper Gangster M60? Detailed guide

A new weapon royale is coming named Viper Gangster M60. But this is not a new gun skin. It was there previously in Free Fire. But somehow if you have missed the event or maybe just new in the game, here are some tips for you-

  • The weapon royale spin will be there by spending the diamonds.
  • Players can spin 1 time for 10 diamonds.
  • Also, you can do 10-time spins + 1 time free with 100 diamonds.
  • You can also spin without diamonds.
  • Save weapon royale vouchers from Free Fire events. They provide weapon royale vouchers sometimes.
  • Collect them & try to save them for the future.

This is the trick to get weapon royale spins for free. You can spend diamonds as well if you want to spend. Do some top-ups & you’re good to go.

But wait, let’s see why you should spin? What’s special about this Viper Gangster M60 weapon skin? Let’s see.

Viper Gangster M60 Weapon Features

With this weapon skin, The damage will be increased with the M60 gun. The damage will increase 2x & the range also increases 1x. And there is a significant 1x less reload speed of the gun. Seems pretty good right? It will help a lot of players who love M60.

That’s all about in this article. Hope you like that. For more Free Fire event tips & information about updates, stay tuned to us. We here provide news from our reports.

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