How to Destroy Fireplace in Lazy Lake in Fortnite

Destroy Fireplace in Lazy Lake. hello, guys here is another new mission in Fortnite season 8 chapter 2. You have to destroy the fireplace in a lazy lake in this mission. We are going to provide you with all the necessary information regarding this topic. Collecting the information before starting the mission, will be very useful for completing the mission.

It is not that compulsory to destroy the fireplace which is only. There are various fireplaces in different other locations also. So you guys can also visit there. We are going to provide you with all the locations of fireplaces on the Fortnite map. So no need to worry about that.

This is one of the first Quest in Ember’s punchcard. This can be started either by talking to her on Fortnite also. If any of the players will complete this task he will be getting 30,000 XP. This 30,000 XP will help the player to unlock the battle pass. Completing this mission will be more helpful for season 8.

This quest is one of the repeatable quests, it will help you in further missions also. So for achieving all these things you have to complete this mission. Below we are going to provide you with all the fireplaces locations in the fortnight game. Hope so these locations will help you, to complete the mission.

Fireplace Locations in Fortnite:

Destroy Fireplace in Lazy Lake
Destroy Fireplace in Lazy Lake in Fortnite

Fortnite Fireplace Locations at Lazy Lake

This is one of the best places to complete this mission, this place is having three different fireplaces. All these three are located nearby each other. It is very easy to understand that if one of the fireplaces is already destroyed by any of the players. You can easily move to the next one, and there is a youth chance that you can complete this mission in one go only. So the first location which we would like to recommend is this lazy Lake.

You can find all of these three fireplaces in each of the three houses. On the Northern side of the lazy lake. All these three houses are having fireplaces at different locations in the houses. So as soon as you will enter the house try searching for the fireplace first. So that’s why we would like to believe that this mission is not that difficult.

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Fireplace Location at Pleasant Park

There are two fireplaces in this location. Both of them are nearby each other. You just have to destroy any one of them to complete this mission. Also, you can find one fireplace in one house which is on the Southside of the petrol station.

You can find the second fireplace in another house. Which is located in the middle house of the Western side. You can also enter the house and destroy the fireplace. Likewise, you can complete this mission very easily.

Fortnite Fireplace Locations at Holly Hedges

One of the fireplaces in Fortnite is also located at Holly Hedges. You can find this fireplace in the three-story building. This building is on the ground floor. So you can easily destroy and complete the mission. The second fireplace is also located at, one of the houses on the Northern side of Holly Hedges.

Hope so this article was helpful for you and will help you while solving this quest.

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