How To Get Icy Grappler Fortnite Season 8

Icy Grappler Fortnite Season 8: A cool and a brand new weapon is available in the ever growing list of Fortnite Creative Weapons.

The ICY GRAPPLER is the new weapon, which is added and it gives the player the ability to zoom around and gain an upper hand on other players.

We at officialpanda,com  have some accurate information , on how to acquire the weapon and what you can do with it.

Icy Grappler is a combination of the traditional grappler and many other icy themed items.


  • You can purchase the Icy Grappler from Fabio Spaklemane , an unicorn like NPC.
  • Located at Apres Ski, Southwest of Misty Meadows.
  • Cost of Icy Grappler is 300 Gold Bars.
  • The Icy Grappler is a a lot cheaper than many exotic weapons, other NPC’S keep selling.
  • We have a picture showing the location of FABIO SPARKLEMANE.

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What Does Icy Grappler Do Fortnite

  • Icy Grappler has a fun twist than the usual working of a grappler.
  • Not only does it cover vertical and horizontal distances.
  • It has a “chilly ” effect that will have the players go sliding.
  • When you equip the icy grappler it has a frozen feet effect and a great increase in speed.
  • Please mind, the directional control will be very limited and tough, once equipped.

Statistics OF Icy Grappler Fortnite

  • Magazine and Fire Rate of 1.
  • Reload time about 1.26.
  • With such little reload time, players can use it more frequently.
  • The stats of the weapon might change.*

Icy Grappler Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Icy Grappler Season 8 Feet lasts for 30 seconds and will only be cancelled , when body is in water (or) knocked down by an enemy.

ICY GRAPPLER Fortnite will be available only for a limited period of time and will not be available in competitive playlists.

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