How to Destroy Refrigerators in Fortnite Season 8

How to destroy refrigerators in fortnite
Destroy Refrigerators in Fortnite

How to Destroy Refrigerators in Fortnite: It is no news that Epic games keep coming with new challenges. Fortnite Season 8 has just kicked in!! The game is known for continuously coming up with all sorts of quests, punchcards and challenges. Weekly challenges are now replaced with weekly punchcards. Fortnite has recently introduced new punchcards to its players and one such punchcard is the Madcap Mushroom Challenge. The mushroom punchcard challenge has 5 different stages and players can collect a total of 80000 experience points after the challenge completion.

Contents – Stages of Madcap challenge, where to find the refrigerators, how to destroy refrigerators and Madcap Mushroom Challenge rewards.

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The list of the Madcap Mushroom Challenges involves

  1. Destroy a farming tractor (0/1) – 12000 XP.
  2. Forage Mushrooms (0/2)- 14000 XP.
  3. Craft a weapon (0/1) – 16000 XP
  4. Destroy Refrigerators (0/2) – 18000 XP
  5. Consume an apple and a banana (0/2) – 20000 XP
Talk to Madcap

As you can see these are the 5 stages for the Mushroom Questline. In order to begin the challenge, players will have to talk to the Madcap. And the Madcap is located towards the east of Corny Crops.

Players can complete Stage 1 in the Corny Crops itself. Whereas players will have to navigate towards Sludgy Swamp for Stage 2. You can craft a weapon by using nuts and bolts found from toolboxes. However, another alternative is to enter into the sideways to collect cube masters to upgrade their weapons. Stage 3 complete.

Pleasant Park

Where To Find The Refrigerators

Fortnite consists of a vast map. A lot of locations are not even marked. Hence this can cause a few obstacles for the players specially when they are trying to complete these kind of quests. And that is why we are here to help you out. Pleasant Park and Lazy lake are two of the best locations on the map. Since these two locations involve a lot of buildings and houses, therefore finding 1 or 2 refrigerators won’t be that difficult. You can even complete this stage without trying to complete it.

Since a lot of players are engaged in completing all these quests and punchcards, make sure you are all set to take a fight.

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Lazy Lake
How to destroy refrigerators in fortnite
Destroy Refrigerators in Fortnite

Destroy The Refrigerators in Fortnite

After finding these Refrigerators, all you have to do is destroy them!

And finally Stage 5 arrives! Stage 5 challenges the players to consume an apple and a banana and this can be do very easily at Catty Corner and Chonker’s Customs. Just look for the Green boxes inside the buildings and you will complete your Madcap Mushroom Challenge.

After the completion of all the stages mentioned above, players can collect 80000 points.

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