Fortnite X EL Chapulin Colorado Collaboration -New Set Arrival in Fortnite

Fortnite X EL Chapulin Colorado Collaboration: At this point in time, EPIC GAMES is and always finding a new collaboration on a very regular weekly or monthly basis and we aren’t complaining at all.

After their first collaboration with Marvel, during the INFINITY SAGA, EPIC GAMES and FORTNITE have completely hit the overdrive button. Their collaboration on almost every popular IP.  Franchise and they have a new set that is due to launch on November 1st.

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Fortnite X EL Chapulin Colorado Collaboration

After announcing new skins of Paul Atreides, Chani, the popular characters portrayed by Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya in the latest blockbuster DUNE, EPIC GAMES is ready with their new skin with a completely unexpected collaboration, and that is an EL CHAPULIN COLORADO SET.

Created by Roberto Gomez Bolanos, Chapulin Colorado is hail as the WORLD’S FINEST AND GREATEST COMEDIC SUPERHERO on INTERNATIONAL TV.  For the 51st Anniversary of the character. He is set to join on Fortnite Battle Royale as a new set.

Chapulin Colorado is a superhero with an absolute heart of Gold, and his powers include teleportation. And the ability to detect dangers with the antennae that are present over his head. Chaplin’s unintended clumsiness, which is laced with good intentions. Has made him a belove icon in every household of Latin America and Far Beyond.

The El Chapulin Colorado Fortnite set will be available to purchase on November 1st starting at 8 PM ET / 5:30 AM IST. This set will be available only for a shorter period of time only.  but the time period of how long it will be available at the store is still very unclear at this point.

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The Chapulin Colorado set will be available to buy either individually or as a complete set and there are quite a few skins, EPIC GAMES is offering in EL CHAPULIN COLORADO set and they are :

Item In Fortnite X EL Chapulin Colorado Collaboration

  • DEFENSORA/COLORAD and many more….
Fortnite X EL Chapulin Colorado Collaboration
Fortnite X EL Chapulin Colorado Collaboration

These are some of the many options that represent the beloved Mexican Television Icon, which has been very popular in the time period of  1973-1979.

The pricing of this set is still very unclear and there is no official statement from EPIC GAMES regarding this as well. But as of now, all the Mexican Twitter handles. Fortnite handles have started teasing the arrival of this brand new skin and are currently wrapping up the theme of HORROR.

Naruto is another character that is rumore to join FORTNITE in the coming days

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