New Fallen Zombie Superhero Skin in Fortnite

New Fallen Zombie Superhero Skin: The Fortnitemare is about to end in a few days. After a month-long celebration. Now the end is near or we can say that it is almost there to end. Now as a result it’s time to reveal the remaining skins and the cosmetics in the game. Fortnite is having a very huge reputation in the gaming industry for launching. All-new exciting and tempting skins for the players keep the players of the game in love with the game and keep them enthusiastic and excited towards the game now and then. For example on 27thb October 2021. Fortnite launched zombie superhero skins in the Fortnite item shop. All of these skins are part of the superhero set, They all fall under the same category since the very beginning of the fortnitmare.

This is the very first time that 10 skins have been added to the game. In the Fortnite battle royale item shop, this is a very big update. In addition, These skins are best for the upcoming Halloween event.

New Fallen Zombie Superhero Skin In Fortnite 

The cost of zombie skins Fortnite is 1500-v bucks each. This time not at the usual rate of 1800 v-bucks. You can purchase this skin in the game from the item shop in the bundle. As well as in single pieces as per the requirement of the player. Individual skins come with an emoticon and the zombie built-in emote. 


All fallen heroes’ Fortnite skins come with their own custom emoticons. You will also get custom hero style, skin, mask, boots which you can change according to your choice, in addition, This will help you to design different patterns or designs of the skin of different body parts. You can also change the primary and secondary colors of the skin. As per your choice and you can also have the freedom to choose the sticker of your own choice in the game. 

Different Bundle Of Zombie Superhero Skins 

You will find two bundles in the shop one for females and another one for the males in the item shop. Both will cost u around 3,500 v-bucks each if you purchase a bundle then you will get some exclusive emoticons. You will also find one fallen hero gear bundle in the item shop. This bundle contains six items including a zombie loading screen and an emoticon this bundle will cost you around 1500 v-bucks.

New Fallen Zombie Superhero Skin
Zombie Super Hero Skins

Decision To Be Made

If you like zombie sins then you should do it as soon as possible. Because it will soon be out of the item shop to be purchased and if you don’t like the zombie skin. Then there are plenty of other skins in the item shop. Waiting for you to be unleashed apart from zombie skin in the item shop. You will also get new Rushin around emote, laughing batman skin, Ariana grande and any more items. 

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