Fortnite November Crew Pack | Revealed to Have Sierra Skin

Fortnite November Crew Pack | Revealed to Have Sierra Skin:  Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, the two video streaming giants, gained more of their stardom and following from their affordable Monthly Subscriptions. and the gaming world is also introduced to it, through XBOX’s ULTIMATE GAME PASS and Fortnite’s Creators swung into action with their  own creative monthly plan focused on exciting new skins and V-Bucks, and the crew packs have been active since December 2020.

Instead of purchasing skins from the Fortnite Item Shop like usual. EPIC GAMES is offering guarantees rewards to crew members that cannot be obtaine in any other way. Always stay exclusive to Crew Members only.

Fortnite November Crew Pack

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Fortnite November Crew Pack | Revealed to Have Sierra Skin

The Crew pack rewards will vary each month. In terms of skins and cosmetics and EPIC GAMES have released an official statement regarding the crew packs. Monthly Crew Packs will be containing a new outfit along with a brand new accessory. And All items will be exclusive to FORTNITE CREW Members only.”

Fortnite Crew Price

Typically Fortnite Battle Pass is at a price of $9.50 and the crew packs are prices at $11.99 and considering all the exciting goodies that come includes with it ,the crew packs are sure to be sold in high numbers.

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Signup Process for FORTNITE CREW

There are 4 easy to follow steps , that you and everyone can follow to buy their FORTNITE CREW PACKS.

  1. Launch FORTNITE on your preferred PC or CONSOLE.
  2. Enter the Battle Pass Menu.
  3. Click on the Fortnite Crew Signup.
  4. Enter all the necessary details and complete the signup process.

(November 2021) : Fortnite players and enthusiasts will soon be welcoming a new Crew Pack and many exciting rewards along with it. The new and soon to be releases FORTNITE CREW PACK will be featuring “SIERRA” . Sierra is the third and final member of First Shadows along with the new Fortnite November Crew Pack. There are a lot of rewards that are focuses and centers around SIERRA and we have list all the rewards down below :

  1. SIERRA SKIN (styled like a STORMSTEPPER)
  5. A Brand New Loading Screen which showcases SIERRA’S VENGEANCE.

All the subscribers will be getting Season 8’s Battle Pass, but for those who already have one are in for extra rewards as they will be receiving extra 950 V-BUCKS.

Players who already have all the three First Shadow Skins from the previous months and editions, are and will be awardees with cool bonus styles for Burning Wolf, Chaos Origins and Sierra.

Fortnite Sierra Skin
Fortnite Sierra Skin

The November Crew Pack will be made available for all subscribers on October 31st – 5:30pm IST / 5 :00 AM PT . and the rewards will only be available. Once Epic Games releases their new update for FORTNITE (V18.40).

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