PUBG Mobile Recruiting Ban Pan Investigator | New Ban System

PUBG Mobile Recruiting Ban Pan Investigator:  PUBG mobile is going to add new feature to the game. In this they are going to add one new investigator. This investigator is known as ban pan investigator. To avoid the vulnerabilities in the game, to stop the frauds and hackers PUBG mobile is now recruiting the new investigators. So today we are going to introduce you the ban pan’s investigator. Investigators will be the police in the game. Is there a real life police to stop the crime ought to stop the cheaters like that investigators will also stop the cheaters. They will be helping in keeping the game safe. Actually they are the first line of response when confronted with cheaters. If any player is reported with suspicious behaviour, the investigator will start investing about him. Investigators will work very hard to resolve the complaints of players.

While playing the game it is very necessary to maintain the game friendly environment. If someone is playing with the cheat of the hack the my win but the kind get out by the use of investigator. We are listing down all the categories that investigators will work on.

  1. X-ray vision
  2. Wallhack
  3. Auto aim
  4. High jump
  5. Malicious exploits
  6. Speed boost
  7. Modification of weapon recoil
  8. Auto damage
  9. Teamers
  10. Others

So this are the 10 parameters investigator will work on.

PUBG Mobile Recruiting Ban Pan Investigator

The investigators are consistent pubg mobo players. And also the security expert at pubg mobile. To become investigator in game players have to must fulfill some requirements. There is some special sort of criteria to become an investigator. The most important thing is that they have to be passionate about the pubg mobile also. The most important thing that the investor should have is the strong justice sense. They should have the clean game record. They should never be warned or ban. The investigator should be firm and resolute towards the reports and complaints. They should be free of penalties also. They should have the height year in the game itself. Obviously the players having more skills are prefer first also.

In the investigators are experienced, they know how to deal with the hackers cheaters. Show the players having more experience are preferably can be investigator. Player meeting all this requirement can apply to be the investigator also. They just have to tap the request investigator button in the lobby. After that they have to ask for the request investigator access by clicking on the button itself. After becoming investigator review the footage of malicious behaviour. If there is any kind of violation in that video footage they can report it as per all the norms. The parameters are already set for the violations.

PUBG Mobile Recruiting Ban Pan Investigator

The judgement given by the investigator will be under review to evaluate if it is correct or not. So this is how investigator plays role, you can be also the In-game investigator. So if you guys want to be the investigator just follow some steps and apply for it.

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