How to Fix Face Scan Error in NBA 2K22 | Fast & Easy

How to FIX FACE SCAN ERROR in NBA 2K22 FAST & EASY: So recently a lot of players are facing a problem in the NBA 2k22 face scan. And i have also get to know about person personally who are facing these problem in NBA 2K22. So this article is basically on this topic on How to FIX FACE SCAN ERRORS in NBA 2K22 FAST & EASY method. Lots of players are getting the errors. So i will be talking about both current gen and next gen player.

Unable to find Head Scan Data

So on NBA 2k22 current gen when you try to scan a face on you like. Your build that already been in the park. You will probably get a message that says either you were unable to find head scan data. Or some type other data related to that only.

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Make a new Build

All you want to do to fix is just make a new build. Now i am assuming you have made a new build. It asks you like if you want to skip to the other NBA. So simply press yes int that. It really not matter a lot. So simply just select a NBA team. And one thing make sure you don’t press GO to neighbor hood on this build. You don’t want to go to park on this build. You want to do is just go to my player appearance. And then check for face scan data. Now if you want to know how to get a perfect scan you can check it on other platform.

Scan your face in Scan Face Data

Once you face scan is done it must work. If you still get an error you probably means you just don’t have a good lighting or you have not hold your phone still when you were doing that face scan. So you can just re perform this procedure or you can say face scan data again. And make sure on the key points like lighting in your room, your stillness and some other points. By this you can have your face scan data easily in NBA 2k22.

How to Fix Face Scan Error in NBA 2K22
Fix Face Scan Error in NBA 2K22

The problem should be fixed

So I think the face scan should work for both the gens players current gen and next gen players. When you have the face scan you just simply have to save that face scan it on the player. And then quit to the main menu. So you just do whatever you wanna do but just remember to don’t delete that player. Because for every face game that you want to do. You are gonna need that player. Who has not been in the neighbor hood. And if you delete the player the face scan will not transfer the player to all your builds.

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