Fortnite Refer A Friend Not Working ! Complete Solution

Fortnite Refer A Friend Not Working. Hello guys, as per the latest information fortnight refer a friend is not working. The function which used to help the players to refer anything to the friend is not working currently. Today’s performance is to add the new user to the Fortnite game. If you guys are successful to bring a new gamer to Fortnite then you can win lots of prizes. These prices are consisting of skins, characters, cosmetics, and styles of cosmetics. Moreover, you can directly earn the v bucks by sharing your referral code. But in the current condition, this refers to a friend who is not working. So if you guys want to fix this issue we will try to help you out. But in the current condition, it is not possible to resolve the issue.

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Refer a Friend Not Working in Fortnite

The very first thing you guys have to do is visit the Epic game official website. When you visit this official website you may see various options in front of you. So many ads for new characters new cosmetics and many more things on the screen. So in the top menu, you can see the news button click on it. After clicking on that button, you will see the refer a piece of friend news. One article will flash in front of you, in the same article, there is one link. In the third or fourth sentence of this article, you will find the a ‘refer a friend website’. So click on that website. When you click on this you will see that the pay shows emergency maintenance. Or the error code 404 will flash in front of you.

Fortnite Refer A Friend Not Working
Fortnite Refer A Friend Not Working

Error code 404 means, the server is not finding anything related to the page. And it is also facing the urgent maintenance notice on it. So it is possible that Fortnite is working on some of the new features and that’s why this is down.  So If the same thing is happening to you no need to worry. The page will be up soon, in some of the hours or 1 to 2 days. Our technical team of Official Panda is trying to resolve the issue on our level. So as soon as the issue will be resolved, or we found any trick to solve this problem. We will share it with you. Till then you guys have to wait for the server to maintain it. We know how much important is the refer a friend feature is for you.

As this will be up we will inform you as soon as possible. Till then stay tuned with us.

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