Anna New Character in PUBG and BGMI

Anna New Character in PUBG and BGMI. We know you guys were waiting for more than a year for the new character. The character is to arrive in PUBG and BGMI. So finally your wait is over after the long wait of one year the new character is arriving at PUBG and BGMI. Most of the players seem excited for the new character arriving at the game. As per the updates and information from the trusted sources, the character may come in the upcoming update. So get ready to welcome this character in the game. In this article, we are going to discuss the features of the new upcoming character. And what we guys have to do to have this character also. The name of the new character who is arriving at PUBG is Anna Character. As many of the players are already installing the updates you guys can see various different changes in the lobby also.

There are various new things in this update that look exciting and interesting. To find this new character you guys have to click on the inventory button. After tapping on the inventory button, you may see various characters there. You guys can see the character in this character option also. The character name was written in Chinese. We tried to translate it with the help of a Google translator in English it is “Anna”. So this is the new character which is arrived in the game.

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New Anna Character Arriving at PUBG

So guys after the wait of 1 year finally the new character is coming in PUBG. You guys just have to wait it for the upcoming update and this character will be in the game soon. With the name only we are unable to predict anything about this character currently. But definitely this is a female character. I am just character is going to you have the different fan base. When will tried to find out the background story of the character we find it interesting.

From the background story, we know that Anna is from Australia. Her father is an investigating officer. Means he used to investigate about the illegal activities going on the an island. Her father exposed the illegal business of the illegal company e on the same Island. But while investigating this case the investigation suddenly stop and father lost somewhere. He left one notebook and this notebook is very precious thing after an Anna.

Anna New Character in PUBG BGMI
Anna New Character in PUBG BGMI

So this is the background story of this character. It is huge chance that this character may come in the upcoming update. The story for this character looks interesting and exciting also. So if you guys I want to know more about this character stay tuned with us. As soon as we will get in information about this character we will try to share it with you. Till the time you have to wait for the update and let the character arrive to to the game.

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