Get Players Headshot with Sideways Rifle Fortnite Quest

Get Players Headshot with Sideways Rifle Fortnite. Hello guys, fortnite is always having some kind of interesting missions and challenges with the new updates. This is one of the challenge to get the players headshot with side with rifle. This mission is also one of the easiest mission. This mission is also from Cube Queen Quest. In this mission you how to get the sideways rifle first. Without sideways it is not possible to complete the mission. With the sideways rifle you have to kill the opponent. There is also one condition in that you have to take the headshot on the opponent. So for completing this mission you have to follow some steps. Here’s everything in detail you need to complete this mission. For more information read the article further.

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How to Complete get Players Headshot with Sideways rifle Challenge

To complete this challenge very first thing you have to do is find the Sideways rifle. It is not that difficult to find the side with rifle in the new map. Rifle are amply available in this new map. To find the sideways rifle you have to go to the centre of the map. In the centre of the map you can easily find the Sideways rifle. The best way to find this rifle is to open as many as chests as you can. In one of the chest you must find the side with rifle. It is  the priority work to do while completing this mission.

Now as you are having the rifle, you are all ready to complete this mission. You are all set to complete this mission. Just hade directly in the map. Find the enemy that you can shoot at. While doing all these things take the precaution that you should be very careful. As many of the players are eager to complete this mission. So they must be looking for someone who they can take the headshot of. Don’t be the one, cause players are already looking for someone to take the headshot. While taking the head shot basically find the target which is not moving that much. A target which is flying in the air is hard to take the headshot. The target which is running very fast on the ground is also hard for taking the headshot. So find the steady target.

Get Players Headshot with Sideways Rifle Fortnite
Get Players Headshot with Sideways Rifle Fortnite

You may find such target on the roof of any of the house searching for the another enemy to take headshot of. After taking the head shot you will see the tittle “Headshot” flashing up on the screen. So you can confirm by seeing this. So this was everything you needed to complete this challenge.Hope so the information is helpful for you. Directly head to the game and complete this mission.

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