Eliminate Players With Sideways Minigun Fortnite Quest

Eliminate Players With Sideways Minigun Fortnite Quest: The sideways minigun is a fully automatic fast-firing minigun in Fortnite. It is best for the short ranges. The sideways minigun does not have any magazine size and it works on the cooldown system. For example, If you fire the weapon or use the weapon for a longer period of time. The gun will heat up drastically and as a result, It will stop working so in case a player wants to use the gun. We have to wait for some time in between while using the gun. As it won’t raise the temperature so high that it eventually stops working. When the gun is very close to getting overheated. The fire rate of the gun increases and the bullet spread of the gun decreases. The player can fire up to 54 bullets before it gets overheated..


Sideways miniguns range from 19 damage per shot to 24 damage per shot. In addition, the damage is 133-168 per second. All of the sideways miniguns. Uses light ammo the sideways minigun has a headshot multiplier of 1.5x.

Types of Sideways Minigun

There are a total of six types of sideways minigun
1. Common
2. Uncommon
3. Rare
4. Epic
5. Legendary
6. Mythic


1. 10 cube monster parts from common to uncommon.

2. 15 cube monster parts from uncommon to rare.

3. 20 cube monster parts from rare to epic. 

4. 25 cube monster parts from epic to legendary.

5. 50 cube monster parts from legendary to mythic. 

Make sure to time your cooldown correctly, as even though you will be dealing more damage per second. It will be more dangerous to wait for the cooldown to fire the second round of the minigun.



If you are looking forward to upgrading sideways minigun in Fortnite. You have to collect cube monsters by defeating said monsters in the alternative dimensions. Cube Monsters will continuously respawn. Wherever the sideways sit during the match in Fortnite. So you don’t need to worry about finding them.

Eliminate Players With Sideways Minigun Fortnite Quest
Eliminate Players With Sideways Minigun Fortnite Quest

Chapter 2 season has brought so many things with it and one of the most interesting things from it is miniguns. All the players who have played Fortnite from at least the start of chapter 2. Know about the damage of the sideways minigun. The minigun has always been overpowered in one way or the other. There is nothing stopping this gun from completely thrashing the enemy players in the game. In addition, there is a special sideways modifier that makes players hit bonus damage. When the weapon heats up and you have what may have probably called an overpowered weapon.

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