Fortnite Ravina Skin – How to get

Fortnite Ravina skin is a very rare skin. In Fortnite and that being said it won’t be easy to buy for the players. But nothing to worry about we will cover that in this article. Ravina is a rare outfit in a battle royale. That can be purchasing from the item shop Ravina skin is amongst those skins. Which has a very high hype in the players of Fortnite and is been very much speculated every now and then. The glass wing-back is Bundle with the skin. The Fortnite Ravina skin is part of the raveyard set and was release by epic on October 29, 2020. During chapter 2 season 4 to get the ravina you need to purchase it from the item shop.

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Ravina skin png

You can also use the ravina skin. For your own digital artwork also has a transparent background. Which makes it very easy to manipulate.


Ravina skin is a very rare outfit in the game and it is from a party lot set. The skin was releasing on 29, October 2020. It was the last avail to the Players 358 days ago. It can be purchasing from the item shop for 1200-v bucks. When it will be list in the item shop Ravina is a rare skin outfit, as a result, it has not been seen in a while. 



October of the year 2021 is about to end it’s almost the beginning of November and for some of us November love. Fortnite is getting excited to launch all-new skins or outfits in the game. The Fortnite is all set to unleash new Halloween-themed skins. For the players to have their hands on in the game. And we know that is not easy to keep up with all the skins being lash by the game. So as always we’re here to help you out with all the new skins hustle-bustle. This following season 8 is one of the best seasons of chapter 2 the epic hasn’t failed us, players, once again they have shown that why they are the most anticipated ones. In the gaming industry they haven’t let down their players even once and when it comes to skins.

They are always top of the line or we can say epic have a classy image in the gaming industry. When it comes to launching all-new skins over and over again and besides All, that epic is also set to launch great-looking character, models in the game.

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