Fortnite The Queen Cube Town, Location, How To Get

Fortnite The Queen Cube Town, Location; So in this article, we proceed to a brand new update in Fortnite. That includes a ton of stuff including the brand new cube town point of interest. And normally I try and think of a joke that’s related to what we are talking about in this article. But honestly, I couldn’t think of anything for cubes. The brand new update brought us a brand new point of interest obviously being cube town. Which I personally think is the greatest map change so far here in season 8. Above cube town, you actually find the cube queen Fortnite. Who is actually this season’s secret skin?

One More Character Along with the Cube Queen Fortnite

So in this brand new update the biggest one we have gotten in season 8 by far. Let’s get into the game and check it out. We are gonna checkout the cube queen at the very center of the map and I will how you can unlock this at your best. But before we can do that we need to check out something that the cube queen actually brought with her. I am talking about the thing that was spotted in the cube queen trailer at the very end. You were able to see the character that we originally thought was gonna siren head but it turns out the name of this boss is actually the CARETAKER. And well that’s who we are gonna checkout.

Where you can find the Caretaker

If you open up the map whenever you join the game. I want you to look for this little head that you can see incredibly hard. It’s very difficult to see but it’s there. Now I have seen some people on the internet that already try to defeat this boss. And I haven’t seen anyone be successful yet. And the caretaker I actually headed towards me. So this is about to be pretty epic. All right according to the map he’s right in front of me. And I have even got a little sound notification.

Fortnite Queen Cube Town, Location
the Cube Queen Fortnite Town, Location

How to get to the Cube Queen fortnite

And if you will be able to beat that caretaker. You will even get a brand new weapon and that is a legendary scythe. So now we have checked out the caretaker and defeated him. I think its time to make your way over to the center of the map where we will check out the cube. And then we can checkout cube town after getting interrupted a couple of times there. So cube queen is above cube town. And for some reason, the cube queen is actually inside of this weird little orange ball. And we can just get into that direction. We have to go step by step. By interrupting other guys.