BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration – New Car Skin

BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration: There is another collaboration of BGMI/PUBG with a new car names Koenigsegg. We will be able to see two skins of this car. One is the jesko, Koenigsegg jesko. and one more that is Koenisgsegg Gemera. So basically these are the two skins that you can see in the BGMI. These sports will obviously impress many players as the looks are nicer with all the other cars.

BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration

Dacia is the skin that is only for the Koenigsegg Gemera that means it will not be available for Jesko. And seriously the looks are so keen and sexy. The person who is a fan of cars and bikes and all that will definitely like this. And the dashboard and the interior that can also be visible are with the yellow and black combination that looks so interactive. And the speed takes up to 150 km/h easily.  Players will also like its sound it is just insane. But the speed doesn’t match with its speed as the sound is so aggressive but the speed is not.

BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration

Mythic in Gemera

Mythic is also the skin available only for Gemera. It looks pretty in the combination of rainbow colors. And the golden rims look so luxurious. And everything is the same except the colors. You will be able to see the interior with the red and black deadly combinations. And the rest of the things are totally the same.

Silver in Gemera

Silver is the third one for Gemera. It is something for the players who are likely to be formal not enough colors. But it also looks nice with chromic paint in silver grey. And again all other things are the same.

Dawn on Jesko

This is the skin that can make anyone its fan. It looks are so nice in white. And its interior is different from Gemera. And it is looking very nice when it’s shining in front of the sun. When you start it its sound is just more toxic than the Gemera from my point of view. It’s like firing the flame thrower. But the interior is not so much extraordinary it is the simple black dashboard. which would be in OK OK conditions. And the spoiler at the back in black and white combination looks too hot. And this skin I like the most among all the six skins.

BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration
BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration


Mythic in Jesko

And this one is the same in rainbow color in Jesko and this looks also like a nice one. And everything is the same as the Jseko. Sounds the same insane.

With interior red and black.

Silver in Jesko

BGMI X Koenigsegg Collaboration


So it is the grey color Jesko. which looks super nice with the formal look. The black lover will surely like this one. And the rest of the things are just the same as all other Jesko.

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