Season 24 Rank System in Free Fire | Full Detailed

Season 24 Rank System in Free Fire: Free Fire is currently one of the most popular mobile games in India. It is a battle royale game developed by Garena. Garena published this game in 2019. The developers of Garena provide updates every season to make it better.

With every seasonal update, the game becomes better and better. With the updates, the developers provide a new rank system that players can play. One of the recent seasons is Season 24 Rank system. In this article, we are providing some tips for this Season 24 Rank system.

Season 24 Rank System Free Fire

Free Fire makes the mobile gaming community so big. It is one of the top-grossing mobile games globally currently in this situation. The developers of Garena provide updates to keep the attention of the players to the game. As a result, Free Fire was the “most fan favourite game” in Google Play Store in 2020, after the PUBG mobile ban in India.

Alongside the updates with character & gun skins, Free Fire also provide a ranked system that players can enjoy. In this Ranked mode, Players can battle in the game & earn some ranks. With the bases of the ranks, they get promotions or demotions in tier ranks. Once you reach a higher tier in-game, next season your rank will be decreased to make the gameplay fair enough for all players.

But the gameplay in the ranked system is not always favourable. So in case, you need some tips & tricks to improve your gameplay, here are some.

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Season 24 Rank System in Free Fire
Season 24 Rank System in Free Fire

Season 24 Rank System is Coming Some tips


  • The ranked system makes the game very much interesting among players. Without a ranked system, people will be bored with the game. But that does not mean rank system gameplay are easy. It is getting hard when you’re reaching higher tiers in the ranked matches.
  • You can play Classic Matches or Clash Squad matches to push your rank. Though there will be different tier ranks for different modes. After the season end, you’ll get some rewards & will be demoted to a lower rank. It happens to all the players.
  • Try to play with your teammates in ranked matches. Playing with random players will not be a good option. Sometimes players for AFK & that will not help you in rank pushing.
  • With climbing ranks, you will get some rank points that you can redeem to get some outfits & backpack skins.

So that’s all about the upcoming Rank 24 System. There are a lot of things to talk about. One single article is not enough for that. So keep in touch with us for more upcoming content on Free Fire & updates.

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