NBA 2K22 Franchise Mode Review – Complete Details

NBA 2K22 Franchise Mode

NBA 2K22 Franchise Mode Review: So today in this article I will be telling you guys about the NBA 2K22 franchise mode. And why you need to play this mode. S now why should you be playing franchise mode. Well if you are a single player and you don’t care about your neighborhood. You don’t care about my team mode which is a complete scam we all know that. My franchise or my NBA the way that likes to call it is one of the deepest franchise modes I have ever played.

Things available in that

The amount of option that is available to you that a lot of other sport games do not have. Are remarkable and I know most of these features. That have been in NBA 2K22 have been in the past NBA games. But the fact that they still keep it in there and they did not rip out the features and then try to rename it something else EA sports. So when you guys first bot up the franchise model you guys obviously want to pick your favorite team that you want to go with. And then you have these menu pop-ups which are my NBA setup options advanced.

What you can do

CBA rules role-playing elements. If you want to have those playing elements as GM budget and finances. Which is if you want to cap on or cap off. Play with your friends where you can actually play with your friends. In an online franchise mode which is incredible automate of season time periods than you have. Start from which you can start it from the playoffs. You can start it from the mid-season. You could start right in the beginning part of the season whichever you prefer. G league with playable games and then you also have ranked games as well.

You can change your staff

Now in the Franchise mode as you guys can change your staff you can hire medical doctors. You can hire new scouting. Department if you want to hire completely new staff. When it comes to your coaching side and everything there’s so much you can hire, you can fire. And I know most of the staff has been in the game for quite some time. But the fact of the matter is that you can sign or resign. If things work out they give players numbers and grades which is also really cool because it shows your strong elements and also the weaker elements.

NBA 2K22 Franchise Mode Review
NBA 2K22 Franchise Mode Review


So if you see the calendar You can see the playbook where you can have your training schedule so you can have a training schedule. You could set the conditioning type well. If you want it to be low temp medium tempo, high tempo or you can have like them have a team bonding episode.

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