NBA 2K22 Dunk Requirements -Pro Guide

NBA 2k22 Dunk Requirements : Dunk is the best way to score in basketball and due to some of the most valuable players of the NBA. Dunk has been the best of all when it comes to Top class NBA performances of all time. No matter what. But the thing is that not all the players can enjoy the privilege of doing Top End dunks. In the NBA 2k22 game but nothing to be worried about. We have all the detail you need to do dunks in the game. All the players who have been playing NBA since 2k know how satisfying the dunking is in NBA gaming.

In addition, the visualizations have been improved drastically the mechanics of the dunking have also been changed. As a result, NBA 2K22 finally involves a dunk meter that we all have to master in the game to land perfect and smooth dunks in the game.  


Dunk’s are the most stylish and the best way to finish in Basketball. There are different dunks and players need Different stats. To use the dunks every other player is having different Abilities. To do a dunk some have The Best vertical dunks capacity. For instance, some have one of the best standing performances in dunks. It depends upon players to players. For every move to be known you need to have complete knowledge. About the Player’s stats of doing different types of dunks in the NBA.

Now in the NBA 2k22 if a player wants to perform all the moves, except the small contact ones. We need to have the player with the build requirements to perform the different types of dunks. For example in real-life Stephen curry and king James have different abilities to dunk that go the same in the game also. 


  • Standing Dunk
  • Driving Dunk
  • Vertical Dunk

these are the three types of dunks. In the NBA and for players to perform any particular dunk. For example, there are different players with different abilities to perform the dunk. Finally, now the dunk meter is added to the game as a result NBA 2k22 provides us with the improved overall gameplay.

NBA 2K22 Dunk Requirements
NBA 2K22 Dunk Requirements



  • Pro contact dunk -84+driving, 70+ vertical.
  • Elite contact dunk -92+driving, 80+ vertical
  • Pro contact ally oops -84+driving, 70+ vertical
  • Elite contact ally oops -92+driving, 80+vertical
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