How to Get Gold Camo in COD Mobile?

How to Get Gold Camo in COD Mobile? Many of the players think about this question while playing Call of Duty mobile. First of all, we will go to explain to you that what is gold camo. Gold camo is nothing but the golden skin on the gun. If you are having this gold camo your gun will look very good. Having such unique types of equipment while playing gives different prestige to the prayers. If the player is having very rare and epic skin or any of the cosmetics it gives prestige to the player in the game. So Gold camo is one of the rare items generally players want to have. If you also want this gold camo you are at the right place we are going to tell you everything related to this. We will follow the step-by-step procedure to you have this Golden camo.

Generally, the players love to apply various kinds of skins to their weapons. So this is also one kind of skin that you can apply to your weapon. These games make the weapon look amazing. In COD mobile gun skins are gifted to players when they put their effort into gaming. When they complete the respective task they usually get a reward for that. Sometimes this reward also has gun skins. We guys will have a look at the step-by-step procedure to get the golden camo for your weapon.

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Step-by-step procedure for having Golden Camo.

You have to follow all the steps given below to get Gold camo.

1. Step 1:- You have to start and enter the game on your smartphone.

2. Step 2:- In the lobby, you must be seeing the loadout icon, you have to click on that loadout icon.

3. Step 3:- In the loadout, you have to click on your primary weapon.

4. Step 4:- After clicking on the primary weapon you can select the gun as per your choice.

5. Step 5:- Now you have to click on the gunsmith option.

6. Step 6:- when you click on the guns with the option you will see the camo option now, simply click on the camo option.

7. Step 7:- As the player will click on the camo option, he or she will see various kinds of different camos. They may be like Sand, Dragon, Splinter, Tiger, Jungle, Reptile, and Completionist. In Completionist you can find the golden camo.  If you complete the respective task. You can get that golden camo.

Get Gold Camo in COD Mobile
Get Gold Camo in COD Mobile

Once you got this Golden camo, you can acquire it easily. And also use it in the gameplay. Does this was all the process, forgetting the golden camo? Follow the process step by step and get Golden skin for the gun.

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