Call of Duty Mobile Destroy Enemies ScoreStreak with Tactical Grenade

Call of Duty Mobile Destroy Enemies ScoreStreak with Tactical Grenade for 3 Times. In the current season, Call of Duty Mobile is giving different missions. This time call of duty new mission to destroy the scorestreak of the opponent team. You have to destroy the scorestreak of opponents 3 times. Don’t worry you don’t have to do this 3 consecutive times. For instance, you can do this at 3 different times or maybe in 3 different matches. And another important thing regarding this mission is that you have to use Tactical Grenades for this.

This mission comes under, the seasonal event. To go to a seasonal event, you have to click on the event. After clicking on the event you can see the different options in front of you. They are various kinds of events. Such as Daily events, seasonal events, featured events, and trick or treat events. The trick or treat has been started so you can also complete the challenge from this event also. This trick and treat have different events with different and better rewards. So you can complete this challenge and earn exciting rewards.

So to complete this mission you have to equip the EMP Grenades in your loadout. Don’t forget to change the Grenades in your loadout. As soon as you are ready, with your loadout you can start the mission. You have to kill the enemies with the EMP Grenades 3 times for destroying the scorestreak of the opponent. So that’s it the mission is not that hard to complete, it is quite easy to complete this mission.

As of now, we have provided all the necessary information regarding the mission. We will now discuss the rewards of this mission.

Rewards for Destroying the cod Destroy Enemies ScoreStreak 3 times with EMP Grenades.

The first reward you will be receiving, on completing this mission is the full moon. As the moon is the largest zombie map in call of duty. So this full moon is going to provide epic advantages when you are going to face zombies. So you can use this full moon while playing with zombies. The full moon is a nice reward for this mission. You guys will get this reward if you complete this mission.

COD Mobile Destroy Enemies ScoreStreak with Tactical Grenade
COD Mobile Destroy Enemies ScoreStreak with Tactical Grenade

The second reward you will receive is along with the full moon is x3000 XP. This single mission will provide you with x3000 Experience points. So this is also an outstanding reward. Both rewards are good as well as worth the mission. So don’t forget to complete the mission.

Note:- Don’t forget to equip the EMP Grenades in your loadout, without them this mission will not be completed.

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