Mummy Bonds of Blood Set BGMI – New Character Outfit

Mummy Bonds of Blood Set in BGMI is new character outfit in BGMI. The players were eager for this outfit. As the name dignify itself this is a Mummy character. Mummy means not mother, your mummy refers to the dead bodies in Egypt pyramids. In the olden time there was ritual in Egypt to preserve the dead bodies. This dead bodies are often kept into the pyramids. This dead bodies are known as mummies. Generally we see them in horror movies. So this character in BGMI is quite interesting. To know more about this character read the article further. Everything in the detail is their In this article.

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Mummy Bonds of Blood BGMI
Mummy Bonds of Blood Set BGMI

New Mummy Bonds of Blood Set in BGMI

As the name itself is suggesting that is something horror. The character also gives the horror feel in the entry animation. In the entry animation, there is one coffin which is white in colour. This coffin is not similar to the normal one but it possesses the special Egyptian shape. The Mummy in the coffin breaks the coffin into the two parts. After that it comes out in the whole red outfit. This Red is blood red colour. As this red surely define the colour of blood it give more horror  effect to it. In the entry animation The Mummy lifts the two parts of coffin in the air and they disappear. So this is how entry animation makes this character more horror.

All the players in the BGMI are already eager for this character. Till the time our technical team official Panda has only what the first look of this. In the very first look we are reaching to all the details and necessary information about the same character. However the entry of mummy bones of blood is setting new height in the game. We should must look at the gameplay of this character.

Excitement for Mummy Bonds of Blood in BGMI

As the first look of this mummy bones of blood is released everyone is excited for it. The players were already eager for this character outfit. The excitement of this character can be seen on Instagram and YouTube also. The Instagram reels and YouTube shorts are filled with the The Mummy Bonds of Blood entry. Definitely this character is going to get the separate fan base. So get ready to enjoy the game with this character. As this character seems to be special we can’t predict its rearity. However every character in BGMI receives support from audience. The developers of the character may be happy  looking this support from the audience.

Mummy Bonds of Blood BGMI

Guys please know that, you will get this character outfit in Platinum Ripper Creat. In this set you will get all total line items. This will be consisting of helmet skin, Gun Skin, clothings etc. So get this outfit and enjoy playing BGMI.

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