The SuperChargers Bundle in Free Fire – Super Bundle

The SuperChargers Bundle in Free Fire: Free Fire is one of the top-grossing games currently globally. It is published & developed by Garena. The game developers provide monthly updates which push n3ew skins & bundles to the game. Surely these things attract more players to the game.

One of the upcoming bundles is The SuperChargers Bundle in Free Fire. It will be temporary which means you will get this event for a limited time. So don’t waste more time, let’s jump into it.

The SuperChargers Bundle in Free Fire

Free Fire game is a Battle Royale game that is popular all over the world. Surely developers maintain this to gain more & more attention to the game. That’s why developers push updates to maintain attention.

The SuperChargers Bundle is coming to the game to boost players. This new Bundle will be available for a week. So yes it will be a time-limited event. This event timeline will be from 25th October 2021 to 31st October 2021. That means the SuperCharger Bundle is knocking on the door. Here are some details that we are going to share with you.

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The Details about The SuperChargers Bundle

The SuperChargers Bundle set will be based on Diamond spin. Yes, you heard it right! It will not be a free spin. So start saving diamonds for the following items.

  • There will be 10 tokens in the spin of the SuperChargers Bundle.
  • 1 roll of the spin will cost 20 diamonds each.
  • 5 rolls together will cost 90 diamonds per spin. So if you have enough diamonds try to spin 5 together to save diamonds per spin.
  • With every token, you will get * (star) that helps you to redeem Bundles.
  • There will be 4 Bundle sets- Red, Green, Blue & Pink.
  • The needed stars will be different for each bundle set.
  • Pink Bundle will cost 125 stars.
  • Green Bundle will cost 175 stars.
  • Blue Bundle will cost also 175 stars.
  • Red Bundle will cost 225 stars.
  • You can also get gun skins & creates by redeeming stars.
The SuperChargers Bundle in Free Fire
The SuperChargers Bundle in Free Fire

So, these are the items that you will get with this SuperChargers Bundle event. Yes, this bundle seems costly. It will cost a good amount of diamonds. So, it’s high time to do a top-up & start saving diamonds for this event.

But in our opinion, we should tell you to skip this spin. There will be a Diwali Event is coming very soon. So, investing in that event will make more sense.

If you have got enough updates, then make sure to stay tuned to our website.

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